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Achieve Your Detection & Analysis Goals

Tired of week-long, tedious workflows with low reproducibility and sensitivity for analyzing the highly heterogeneous and time-sensitive nature of your samples? We understand. Our combined decades of experience have produced both scientific gold standards and market-leading innovations to better support immuno-oncology research progress.

Single-Cell Analysis

Quantitative single-cell measurement techniques are essential for gaining valuable insight into the underlying mechanisms of heterogeneity. Our solutions range from transcriptomic to cytometric, and even overcome the hurdles single-cell proteomic approaches have faced to date!

Cytometric and Proteomic:

  • Visit Novus Biologicals, a Bio-Techne brand, to build your next Flow panel with a wide selection of specific marker antibodies that can be conjugated to an assortment of fluorescent dyes
  • Determine the frequency of cytokine secretion for a single cell with the most accurate and sensitive ready-to-go ELISpot Kits available
  • Characterize FACS-sorted, highly enriched, low abundance, cell populations with Single-Cell Westerns on Milo™

Transcriptomic and Proteomic:

Single and Multiplex Immunoassays

We created Quantikine® ELISAs, the most trusted and cited on the market. Our range has expanded to accommodate all your immunoassay needs, delivering reliable results the first time and every time.

Gene Expression

Verify gene expression within intact tissue, choose from a library of gene knockout-validated products, or dig further into the scientific literature to uncover an unbiased review of your scientific interests.

  • Visit Exosome Diagnostics, a Bio-Techne brand, to learn how to advance your biomarker discovery program with proprietary exosome-based technology to extract exosomal RNA from serum, plasma, and urine samples
  • Visit ACD to explore RNAscope and BaseScope™ assays for detecting and quantifying RNA molecules at single-cell resolution
  • On the ACD site, learn how the BaseScope™ assay can detect short targets, highly homologous sequences, and splice variants
  • Use Single-Cell Westerns on Milo to verify hypotheses based on single-cell RNA expression data
  • Shop gene knockout-validated antibodies or learn how our cell and gene engineering services can help your project
  • Validate CRISPR gene-edited cells with Jess’ automated capillary electrophoresis immunoassays

Protein Expression

Look no further, our innovative fully automated platforms are versatile, efficient and quantitative; they’re sure to conquer all your protein analysis frustrations.

  • Simple Western™ Assays on Jess™ and Wes™
    • Use just 3 µL of sample for picogram-level sensitivity
    • Get quantitative data on up to 25 samples in just 3 hours
    • Automated data analysis using Compass for Simple Western Software
    • Supported for use in QC and GMP environments
    • Thousands of validated antibodies available on the Novus website
    • Simple Western high-throughput assay platforms for size- and/or charge-based separation: Sally Sue™, Peggy Sue™, and NanoPro™ 1000
  • Single-Cell Westerns on Milo
    • World’s first Single-Cell Western platform
    • Measure protein expression heterogeneity in ~1,000 single cells in 4 hours
    • Automated and quantitative data analysis using Scout software
    • Validated antibodies available on the Novus website
  • FluorChem™ Systems for traditional Western blot imaging:
    • 5-log dynamic range lets you detect faint and bright bands at once
    • Complete analysis with AlphaView® Software