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Fluorescent probes target specific cellular and sub-cellular components, or they may selectively target a single biomolecule. Alternatively, they might provide a functional read-out, such as live versus dead cell staining. They enable researchers to detect particular components of complex biomolecular assemblies, such as microtubules, with high sensitivity and selectivity allowing the exploration of cell structure and function. Bio-Techne, through the Tocris brand, offers a wide selection of fluorescent probes, covering organelle probes and cell viability stains.

Fluorescent Probes and Stains Portfolio

Featured Products

MitoBrilliant™ Dyes

MitoBrilliant are next-generation fluorescent stains for the localization and tracking of mitochondria in both live and fixed cells. Our range harnesses Janelia Fluor® dye technology, conferring some of the properties that make these widely used dyes, into mitochondrial stains. The MitoBrilliant Live dyes accumulate in the mitochondria of live cells. Two dyes are available: MitoBrilliant™ Live 646 and MitoBrilliant™ Live 549. A universal stain for mitochondria in both live and fixed cells is also available: MitoBrilliant™ 646.

Cell staining of hypothalamus tissue section with MitoBrilliant 646 (red) fluorescent probe

MitoBrilliant™ 646

  • Suitable for Live and Fixed Cell Applications Including for Staining Pre-Fixed Cells
  • Improved Performance and Staining Fidelity Post-Fixation
Mitochondria labelled with MitoBrilliant Live 646 (red) fluorescent probe

MitoBrilliant™ Live 646

  • Suitable for Live Cell Applications
  • Photostable
  • Δψm Dependency
Mitochondria labelled with MitoBrilliant Live 549 (yellow/orange) fluorescent probe

MitoBrilliant™ Live 549

  • Suitable for Live Cell Applications
  • Bright
  • Δψm Dependency

Fluorescent Microtubule Probes

  • Our range of fluorescent microtubule probes include Flutax and Taxol Janelia Fluor probes, both Taxol based molecules
  • Taxol Janelia Fluor probes enable ‘no-wash’ protocols, are bright, photostable, and well suited for confocal microscopy and super-resolution microscopy techniques

Fluorescent Cell Metabolism Probes

  • Discover our SCOTfluor probes range for real-time tracking of essential metabolites in live cells and in vivo
  • SCOTfluor probes are suitable for use with flow cytometry and super-resolution microscopy
  • They can be multiplexed with blue and green fluorescent proteins (BFP/GFP)

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Brilliant blue pig cardiomyocytes collagen lit up with Janelia Fluor Dye 549

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Bio-Techne through the Tocris brand, offers a wide range of fluorescent dyes including bright and photostable Janelia fluor dyes.

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