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MitoBrilliant™ Product Guide

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The MitoBrilliant™ Product Guide provides an overview of our MitoBrilliant fluorescent mitochondrial dyes. The guide provides application data and protocols for different research applications including flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, live-cell and fixed-cell imaging, and super-resolution microscopy (STED microscopy).

MitoBrilliant dyes harness Janelia Fluor® dye technology and were developed to overcome some limitations of previously available mitochondria stains.  There are two types of MitoBrilliant dye available: MitoBrilliant Live dyes, suitable for live-cell imaging; and a ‘universal’ dye, suitable for both live-cell and fixed-cell imaging.  This guide presents information on the use of both types of dye.


A complete MitoBrilliant product guide, with protocols and data for using our innovative mitochondrial probes in flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, live & fixed-cell imaging, & super-resolution microscopy.