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Give your production clone the right culture supplements to perform at its best. Our premium growth and production-enhancing cytokines, growth factors, and small molecules will enable you to optimize cell growth, viability, and biologic product expression.

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GMP Proteins

Designed for Clinical Grade Manufacturing

Traceability, scalability, and bioactivity are essential for bioprocessing cell culture supplements. GMP-grade ancillary growth factors from R&D Systems are designed with all three in mind.

Quality and Documentation

Nearly 50 GMP proteins are available from R&D Systems. Each protein is manufactured, tested, and released under an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 quality management system. Read About our Quality and Documentation at R&D Systems

Cell Culture Development GMP Proteins

GMP Small Molecules

Designed for Clinical Grade Manufacturing

GMP Small Molecules from Tocris ensure quality, safety, and security of supply for bioprocessing cell culture. Tocris is the exclusive source of GMP-grade Small Molecules!

Quality and Documentation

Tocris® GMP Small Molecules fulfill criteria for USP <1043> classification and are manufactured, tested, and released in accordance with relevant sections of ICH Q7 guidelines.

Bioprocessing Tocris GMP Small Molecules

GMP Cell Culture Media

Controlled, Traceable, and Scalable

Robust cell culture in bioprocessing requires an optimized and documented base media. Support your production cell line with a dependable foundation of our GMP serum-free media supplemented with our GMP proteins and small molecules.

CGT GMP Media Bioprocessing