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Your Clone at its Best

Keeping your cells happy, healthy and contamination-free is a sure-fire way to increase protein yield and purity – the ultimate goal in cell culture optimization. By choosing our GMP or RUO grade media and media components – designed specifically for clinical grade manufacturing - you can be sure that you’re using materials of the highest quality.

Cell Culture Media

Have you optimized your culture media and now need to scale-up for manufacturing? Talk to us about your media formulation and we can deliver high volume, high quality and consistent manufacturing of standard and serum-free media.

GMP or RUO Proteins

As each cell line is unique, its optimal cell culture medium will be unique too! Offering nearly 50 different GMP or RUO proteins, you’ll be sure to find the right proteins for your cell’s needs. Consistent from lot-to-lot and guaranteed animal-free, your cells will be treated to the best of the best – and they’ll return the favor.

Manufactured, tested, and released under an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 quality management system.

GMP or RUO Small Molecules

Is the quality, safety, and security of supply of small molecules for bioprocessing cell culture top of your priority list? If so, Tocris® GMP Small Molecules fulfill criteria for USP <1043> classification and are manufactured, tested, and released in accordance with relevant sections of ICH Q7 guidelines.

Rapidly Optimize Your Cell Culture

Cell culture optimization needn’t be slow or complicated! Easily get the right culture conditions for the best growth and viability with premium GMP grade or RUO media and media components.

Rapidly screen conditions and be confident in protein yield and quality. Discover automated, high-throughput platforms that can reduce your process time from months to days, while surpassing traditional techniques in terms of quality and reproducibility – all ensuring that your clone performs at its best.

Viral cells

Say Goodbye to Complex Blots in Cell Culture…

Western blotting continues to be laborious, time-intensive and a generally irreproducible process. Combine this with the need for large sample volumes and lengthy lysate clean-up steps and you could find yourself optimizing cell culture conditions for months.

Is it too much to ask to have a fully-automated, flexible, and high-throughput solution that can analyze tiny amounts of crude lysate sample in just a few hours?

...Say Hello To Simple Western™ and Single Cell Westerns

Meet Jess™, Abby™, Sally Sue™, Peggy Sue™, NanoPro 1000™ and Milo™. Your culture optimization workflow can go from months of labor-intensive work to overnight automation with one of our Simple Western or Single Cell Western platforms.

Say no to time-consuming lysate clean ups and hours of manual labor. Say yes to high-throughput automation, quantitative results, low sample volumes and super-fast results!

ProteinSimple Simple Western Instruments
ProteinSimple instrument Jess for chemiluminescence and fluorescence multiplexing.


Simple Western size assays using chemiluminescence or fluorescence

After just 30 minutes of experimental setup, let Jess take care of your samples quickly and maximize your data points per sample.

  • Fully automated solution for up to 25 samples
  • Fully analyzed results in just 3 hours using just 3 µL of starting material
  • Use Jess's fluorescent capabilities and stripping & reprobing replacement, RePlex, to multiplex your proteins for even more data per sample.
ProteinSimple instrument Abby for chemiluminescence assays.


Simple Western size assays using chemiluminescence

Abby quickly gets you down to pg-level sensitivity using just 3 µL of starting material.

  • Fully automated solution
  • Process 25 samples in just 3 hours
  • With HDR detection profile and analysis, Abby gets you up to 6 logs of dynamic range. 
  • RePlex lets you perform a second round of immunoassay or total protein detection in the same capillary.
Front of Milo Single-cell Simple Western Blot Instrument


Single-Cell Westerns

Welcome to the world of Single-Cell Westerns!

  • Step away from population-level resolution of western blotting and off-target binding of flow cytometry, and embrace the single-cell revolution.
  • Resolve single-cell profile heterogeneity in your sample and have confidence when optimizing your cell culture conditions.
ProteinSimple instrument Sally Sue for high-throughput Simple Western size assays.

Sally Sue

High-throughput, Simple Western size assays using chemiluminescence

Sally Sue provides you with a fast and simple method to characterize proteins by size in up to 96 samples at a time.

  • Process 96 samples overnight.
  • Separate and analyze proteins between 2 kDa and 440 kDa.
  • Input as little as 0.2 µg/µL of protein in just 5 µL of sample.
  • Immunoassay or total protein analysis
ProteinSimple instrument Peggy Sue for high-throughput charge assays.

Peggy Sue

High-throughput, Simple Western size and charge assays using chemiluminescence

Peggy Sue provides you with a fast and simple method to characterize proteins by size or charge in up to 96 samples at a time.

  • Process 96 samples overnight.
  • Separate and analyze proteins by size from 2-440 kDa or by charge from pI 3-10.
  • Input as little as 0.2 µg/µL of protein in just 5 µL of sample.
  • Immunoassay or total protein analysis
ProteinSimple instrument Milo for Single-Cell Westerns.

NanoPro 1000

Simple Western charge assays using chemiluminescence

NanoPro 1000 can give you all the charge heterogeneity details on your proteins, using less than 1 µg of sample!

  • Process 96 samples overnight.
  • Separate and analyze proteins between pI 3-10 using isoelectric focusing.
  • Fully automated solution


Super-Charge Your Cell Culture Optimization

When time is of the essence and you needed your cell culture optimized yesterday, it’s time to meet our iCE - Maurice range.

Maurice S., Maurice C. or iCE3 could be your new favorite workhorse. Offering you rapid, fully-automated, reproducible, quantitative analysis of identity, purity and charge heterogeneity profiles for proteins in less than 15 minutes per sample –never again will you find yourself wishing you had more time!

maurice s

Maurice S

IgG purity and heterogeneity

Let Maurice S. optimize your CE-SDS workflow with IgG purity data in just 35 minutes

  • Ready-to-go cartridges
  • Get purity data, heavy and light chain content and HC vs. NGHC composition
  • Analyze 48 to 100 samples in one batch
  • 21 CFR compliant software
  • Empower® control
maurice c

Maurice C

Identity and charge heterogeneity

Maurice C. will give you reliable and reproducible data - in a day - with single-digit CVs

  • pI and charge heterogeneity data in less than 10 minutes
  • 48 to 100 samples in one batch
  • Resolution that beats HPLC
  • 21 CFR compliant software
  • Empower® control

iCE 3

Charge heterogeneity

Fast-track your cell culture optimization times with iCE3 – 10 minutes from start to finish

  • Optimize charge heterogeneity method conditions in an afternoon
  • High resolution, quantitation and automation

Expedite Your Exosome Analysis

Need to assess your cell culture media for growth and function but having difficulties purifying your membrane proteins? You’re not alone.

With Exosome Diagnostics you can harness the power of exosomes. You’ll quickly and easily purify membrane-bound proteins – as well as DNA and RNA - contained in exosomes from cell culture.

Uncover more about how Exosome Diagnostics Plus can expedite your cell culture media analysis.