Tools for Targeting Immuno-Oncology:

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Immuno-oncology is here to stay, but is your workflow holding you back?

In recent years, the cancer research landscape has witnessed something of an immuno-oncology supernova! Aimed at developing novel strategies for therapeutic intervention, immuno-oncology refers to the systematic investigation of complex interactions between the tumor and host immune system. You’re tasked with unraveling the many deep-rooted and intertwined cellular interactions, including signaling pathways, mechanisms of tumor immune evasion, and adverse responses to immunotherapy. All challenges that are inherent to the biology of the field, and often further complicated by technical approach.

Your samples are heterogeneous, time-sensitive, and often sparingly available. They require sensitive tools, accurate methods, and efficient technologies to truly generate reproducible and predictive data. We’re here to simplify your workflow and support you with a diverse portfolio of solutions and capabilities.

Gold-standard products and innovative technologies that empower you to make the kind of meaningful conclusions and quick decisions that drive discovery

Our Mission: We are committed to advancing immuno-oncology and unlocking its full clinical potential by providing solutions to workflow challenges that exceed the expectations for product quality, instrument performance, and comprehensive support. Through these efforts, we aim to support researchers in delivering renewed hope to patients with advanced cancer.

  1. Isolate an activate cell culture systems for immuno-oncology research

    Isolate and Activate

    Find cell culture solutions for working in vitro, in vivo, ex vivo, 2D, 3D, research grade or GMP grade.

    Establish your model
  2. Visualize and characterize cell types for immuno-oncology research

    Visualize and Characterize

    Investigate the diverse make up of cells and interactions in the tumor microenvironment with reliable and innovative solutions for live or fixed cell-based methods, or tissue samples.

    Profile heterogeneity
  3. Verify and quantify samples for immuno-oncology research

    Verify and Quantify

    From single-cell techniques, to single and multiplex immunoassays, to analytical solutions for gene and protein expression, find solutions that are versatile, quantitative, and efficient.

    Find analytical solutions