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High Sensitivity Sample Analysis Solutions

For investigating and monitoring immune responses, we offer a wide range of solutions for high sensitivity sample analysis. Our portfolio includes antibodies for traditional protein analysis by Western blot, capillary-based Simple Western™ Assays that allow proteins to be separated and analyzed by size using a completely automated protein separation and detection process, and gold-standard single and multianalyte immunoassays to support your protein detection and analysis needs.

Western Blot

Tools for Effective Protein Quantitation

Western blot is an essential protein analysis technique used to detect a specific protein in a cell or tissue lysate. Utilize our unparalleled selection of Western blot-validated antibodies, imager systems, and analysis software to detect and quantify your protein of interest.

Western Blot

Automate Your Western Blot Experiments with Simple Western Immunoassays on Jess and Wes

Simplify your Western blot experiments by using our innovative, fully automated Western blot platforms. These platforms eliminate the tedious, error-prone steps involved in traditional Western blotting and produce fully analyzed, quantitative results in just 3 hours.

Learn more about Simple Western assays on Jess and Wes

Learn more about Simple Western high-throughput assay platforms for size and/or charge-based separation: Sally Sue, Peggy Sue, and NanoPro 1000.

Single-Cell Analysis

Tools for Single-Cell Detection and Analysis

Quantitative single-cell measurement techniques are essential for characterizing different immune cell populations in heterogeneous samples. We provide highly sensitive solutions for both gene and protein expression analysis.

Single-Cell Analysis

Single Analyte Immunoassays

Offering the Industry’s Gold Standard Immunoassays and More Flexible, Economical Alternatives

In addition to cell surface and intracellular marker expression, different immune cell types can be characterized based on their cytokine secretion profiles. We offer the most trusted, most published ELISA Kits on the market.

  • Explore our catalog of complete, fully validated, ready-to-run Quantikine ELISA Kits, which are rigorously tested in-house to ensure that they provide the highest levels of specificity, accuracy, precision, sensitivity, and reproducibility in analyte quantification
  • For a more flexible, economical alternative to our Quantikine ELISA Kits, try our DuoSet ELISA Development Kits, which contain all of the components necessary to develop your own immunoassay
Single Analyte Immunoassays

Multianalyte Immunoassays

Fully Leverage Limited Samples

We know that the volume of your samples can be limited. To get the most data out of your samples, use our multiplex kits to simultaneously detect multiple analytes in a single sample. We have membrane-based Proteome Profiler Antibody Arrays, bead-based Luminex Assays and High Performance Assays, and fully automated Simple Plex Assays.

  • Detect changes in up to 119 analytes in one sample using our Proteome Profiler Antibody Arrays, which can be analyzed using FluorChem Imagers
  • Select up to 50 target analytes from over 450 available analytes to simultaneously profile using our Luminex Assays
  • Select a pre-configured analyte panel that has been optimized and tested together to ensure maximum performance and accuracy for up to 45 analytes using our Luminex High Performance Assays
  • Automate your multianalyte immunoassay experiments to maximize speed, sensitivity, and reproducibility by using Simple Plex Assays on Ella
Multianalyte Immunoassays for Immune Response Profiling

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