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Products for Detecting and Defining Cells

Flow Cytometry Antibodies

We offer conjugated and unconjugated primary antibodies for flow cytometry. Choose from 8,000+ flow cytometry-validated antibodies and 20 different fluorescent conjugates.

Conjugated Secondary Antibodies

Indirect detection is more sensitive and vital for identification of low abundance antigens and rare epitopes in flow cytometry. For targets where low expression is observed, we have conjugated secondary antibodies for use with your primary antibody for the target of interest using indirect detection.

Isotype Control Antibodies

Isotype control antibodies are used as negative controls in flow cytometry. We offer a collection of isotype controls, both conjugated and unconjugated, for multiple isoforms and species.

CyTOF-Ready Antibodies

We offer a selection of antibodies lyophilized in a format (azide free, carrier free) that makes them ready for conjugation to heavy metals for use in CyTOF/Mass Cytometry

Multicolor Flow Cytometry Kits

Our Multicolor Flow Cytometry Kits contain fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies for simultaneous detection of up to 4 different target molecules on a single-cell.

Supplemental Reagents

We have a variety of flow cytometry buffers for cell permeabilization, fixation and staining.

Endothelial Cells

Flow Cytometry Compatible Dyes from Tocris

Explore the range of flow cytometry compatible dyes from Tocris, a Bio-Techne brand. Dyes are grouped according to nearest laser lines. Conjugation protocols available.

Floating Antibody Cell

The Novus Panel Builder Tool

Save time and reduce costly mistakes by quickly finding compatible reagents using the Panel Builder Tool from Novus Biologicals, a Bio‑Techne brand.

NK Cell

Interactive Cell Marker Tool

Learn more about cell surface and intracellular markers from R&D Systems, a Bio‑Techne brand.

Flow Cytometry Handbook

Bio-Techne's Flow Cytometry Handbook

Our Flow Cytometry Handbook is the must have resource for researchers doing flow cytometry. Download now to see the step-by-step protocols and troubleshooting tips.

Products for Selecting Cells

T Cell Enrichment Columns

Our T Cell Enrichment Columns are designed to use high-affinity negative selection to enrich and purify T cells and specific T cell subpopulations.

MagCellect™ Cell Selection Kits

We offer kits for enriching cell populations through magnetic bead-based positive or negative selection so specialized columns are not needed.

Antibody Cell Surface Marker

HLDA Antibodies

R&D Systems™ brand antibodies were used by HLDA to establish CD designations. View our trusted HLDA antibodies.

Products for Differentiating and Expanding Cells

Cell Culture Reagents

Bio-Techne offers a comprehensive portfolio of reagents for cell culture including classic media, balanced salt solutions, FBS, supplements, and basement membrane extracts.

Cell Culture Media Supplements

We offer validated media supplements for the culture of cell lines and primary cells, such as neurons and stem cells.

CellXVivo™ Differentiation and Expansion Kits

We have bundled together reagents, including optimized cytokine combinations, for differentiating and expanding immune cells, such as T cells, B cells, macrophages, and NK cells, in culture.

Single-Cell Westerns on the Milo Instrument

Supplement your Flow Cytometry Experiments with Milo™

If you need to analyze poorly expressed intracellular targets, or are using samples with low cell numbers, Single-Cell Westerns using Milo from ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand, can complement your flow cytometry experiments.

Related Flow Cytometry Resources

Demystifying Multi-Parameter Flow Cytometry

In this first part of a two-part webinar series, learn about flow cytometry basics including spectral overlap and compensation, how to choose a fluorochrome, and basic data analysis.

Turning Flow Cytometry Upside Down and Inside Out

In this second part of a two-part webinar series, learn how to apply the basic concepts of flow cytometry to topics such as cell proliferation, dead cell exclusion, and intracellular staining.

Cell Markers Guide for Human Immune Cell Characterization

This miniposter outlines the main phenotyping markers cited in the scientific literature that are used to distinguish different immune cell types or specific immune cell subsets.

CD4+ T Cell Subsets Brochure

This brochure describes our workflow solutions for the isolation, differentiation, and identification of the different CD4+ T cell subsets.

B Cells Brochure

This brochure provides a detailed graphic outlining B cell development and highlights our selection of fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies for detecting and characterizing human and mouse B cell subsets.

Custom Antibody Services

Utilize our antibody development experts for your custom antibody needs. Our antibody services include immunization and purification, recombinant conversion, and engineering services.

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