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Achieve Actionable Insights

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ranks cancer as one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Although a tremendous amount of effort has focused on eradicating cancer, we have only achieved modest overall success. Why? Cancer is characterized by "multivariate dysregulation and highly heterogeneous pathology," which complicates therapeutic efforts. As such, investigators need actionable insights in order to confront this scourge.

Bio-Techne is uniquely positioned to empower the cancer research community to discover, validate, and verify biomarker candidates that expedite the development of therapeutic interventions.

Leverage the Power of Exosomes for Biomarker Discovery

ExosomeDX™, a Bio-Techne brand wants to partner with you to expedite your biomarker discovery workflow. Collaborate with our pharma services group to leverage the power of exosomes from biomarker discovery to companion diagnostic development and clinical trial support!

Cancer Biomarker Discovery

Adapt This Workflow to Your Cancer Profiling Needs

Cancer Biomarker Discovery

Discover Biomarker Candidates

We provide solutions for hypothesis-driven research and development! Uncover novel biomarker candidates yourself or partner with ExosomeDx, a Bio-Techne Brand.

Cancer Biomarker Discovery

Validate Biomarker Candidates

Assess your biomarker candidates for analytical and technical reproducibility. Identify biomarkers that you can track longitudinally in a companion diagnostic.

Cancer Biomarker Discovery

Verify Biomarker Candidates

Evaluate biomarkers for use in companion diagnostics. Automate biomarker assessment with sensitive and specific assays so that you can easily stratify subjects in your studies.

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