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With over 30 years of experience, designing, testing and optimizing immunoassay kits, at Bio-Techne, we ensure the highest level of performance in analyte quantification. We have a solution to assist you at every stage of your research including, Luminex® multiplexing assays, the gold standard Quantikine™ ELISA kits, ELLA™ automated ELISA, and Proteome Profiler™ Arrays.

At the core of each our our immunoassays are R&D Systems™ antibodies and proteins. These are highly specific, reproducible and tested to ensure suitability for the application they are developed for.

Find out which immunoassay solution suits your research best from single to multi analyte research.

Your Total Immunoassay Workflow Solution

Immunoassay screening to validation Workflow

Multiplexing Assays

Proteome Profiler antibody arrays

Proteome Profiler

Discover Proteome Profiler Antibody Arrays offering you a quick and inexpensive way to analyse multiple analytes in a simple assay. The simple two site sandwich assay principle allows investigation of up to 119 analytes in a single sample in only 5.5 hours. An economical tool for biomarker discovery and more. 

Luminex Assays

R&D Systems partnered with Luminex Corporation to create high-quality multiplexing assays you can trust. The kits are available in two formats, Luminex Discovery Assays and Luminex High Performance Assays, for simultaneously detecting and quantifying multiple target analytes in qualified complex sample types.

Meet Ella

Take your multianalyte detection to the next level with Ella. To ensure high-quality, Ella’s Simple PlexTM cartridges are developed using R&D Systems antibodies and with a built-in standard curve, to deliver the results you need with unparalleled workflow ease. Multiplex assay panels for Ella are fully validated so that any 8 analytes within a specified panel can be combined in a 32x8 multiplex cartridge. 

Consistent Performance. Reliable Results.


Our DuoSet ELISA development kits contain all the essential components needed to develop a sandwich ELISA to measure recombinant and natural proteins. DuoSet assays offer a cost-efficient alternative to buying separate antibodies and proteins and optimizing your own assay. Choose from a selection of over 1,000 single-analyte DuoSet ELISAs.

ELISPot Kits

Our highly sensitive, microplate-based ELISpot assays provide efficient, accurate detection of cytokine secreting cells. Kits are available for detection and enumeration of a single analyte or two analytes simultaneously. Complete ELISpot kits are ready-to-run and require no assay development or refinement.

Single Analyte ELISpot Kits
Dual-Color ELISpot Kits
Dual-Color FluoroSpot Kits

Proteome Profiler Arrays

Simple and economical, Proteome Profiler Antibody Arrays allow for the measurement of up to 119 proteins in a sample. Quickly assess complex signaling responses with no specialized equipment required.  All arrays utilize chemiluminescence for detection and select arrays are also suitable for use with the LI-COR® and FluorChem™ detection systems.