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Delivering quantitative data on up to 50 targets concurrently, multiplexing with Luminex assays saves you time, money, and sample. R&D Systems a Bio‑Techne brand allows you to build your own custom panel, or select from predefined panels. Bio‑Techne has put together a comprehensive Luminex guide to assist you in running your experiments.

The Luminex Assays User Guide will help you better understand Bio‑Techne's multiplex offerings as well as providing insight as to which Luminex assay is right for you and how you can ensure performance and consistency every time.

In this Luminex guide you will learn:

  • What is a Luminex assay
  • Luminex sample preparation and data analysis
  • Luminex assay protocol
  • Multiplex techniques, tips, and best practices
  • Luminex troubleshooting

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Luminex® is a Registered Trademark of Luminex Corporation.