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The qualification of biomarker candidates for use in a clinical trial is an important step. You should be able to consistently measure your analyte with great sensitivity. Furthermore, your biomarker candidate should be reliably diagnostic, predictive, or prognostic. You can achieve the latter with a hypothesis-driven strategy and research program. We can make sure that you achieve the former with reliable reagents and equipment. Count on Bio-Techne’s brands to reduce experimental variability

Biomarker Verification with Ella™

Once you are confident that your biomarker is properly validated, you don't want to waste time with routine assessments. Ella is a next generation ELISA that has sub-picogram sensitivity and more than 4 logs of dynamic range. We have many target analytes for humans, mice and rats. Ella has been used in CLIA certified labs to measure a prognostic biomarker candidate!

Automated ELISAs for Cancer Biomarker Discovery

Companion Diagnostic Prototype Assay Development

RNAscope™ ISH has great utility as a companion diagnostic. It has been successfully used with Leica and Roche Tissue Diagnostics automated systems. Partner with us to develop novel companion diagnostics. We will provide custom services including automated assay development, training, validation and data analysis.

Cancer Biomarker Discovery

Featured Publications

Accelerated Serum Biomarker Verification and Validation with Wes™ and ELLA

Download this appnote to see how Simple Western and Simple Plex assays can work together to give you fast, sensitive, and precise data about your biomarker of interest.

Simple Plex™ for Cancer Research

See how Simple Plex assays are a better solution for cancer biomarker research.


ELISAs are also used to verify biomarker candidates. Download the ELISA guide to find out more!