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A Pioneering Effort in Early Cancer Detection

A ground-breaking cancer biomarker detection initiative between Bio-Techne and Luminex brings together the world’s leading antibody, protein, and ELISA manufacturer and the world’s leading platform for multiplex proteomics.

Our R&D Systems development team has decades of experience developing, optimizing, and validating the highest quality Luminex assays for research and discovery—helping to support a seamless transition from clinical trial to diagnostics use.

Our Mission: To make early cancer detection tests more accurate and actionable with proteomics.

Cancer Biomarker Detection with Bio-Techne and Luminex

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Customizable Cancer Panels

Our scientific and project management teams work closely with you to assess feasibility and recommend improvements targeting your desired specifications. Our interactive design process includes comprehensive antibody screening, assay optimization, and feasibility testing. We do the development work so you can get faster answers.

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Proof of Concept with Sample Testing

Select up to 20 biomarkers, send in your samples, and receive a full data report and a meeting with our scientific team. See how proteomics can enhance your early cancer detection test with our low-risk sample testing service at LuminexPLORE lab.

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Improving Cancer Detection Accuracy

Advances in cancer proteomics have helped increase analytical specificity and sensitivity. Case in point is the Oncuria® bladder cancer test from Nonagen Bioscience. Developed using high-quality reagents from R&D Systems, this multiplex immunoassay was shown to have 93% sensitivity and 95% specificity for detecting bladder cancer, with demonstrated consistency across tumor grades and stages.


To move your product closer toward clinical utility, research trials need sensitive and highly reproducible immunoassay systems that can simultaneously interrogate large numbers of targets per sample in a short time. Bio-Techne’s Luminex-based multiplex assays combine high-quality reagents and over 40 years of industry-leading immunoassay experience to create a powerful solution to advance multicancer early detection strategies.


Stringent quality control processes and an extensive in-house selection of antibodies and proteins help ensure the data you generate is accurate and reliable. With more than 300 RUO catalog Luminex analytes, odds are we can accommodate the specific target that will meet your unique research needs. From custom reagents to feasibility assessments, our experienced scientists and project managers work closely with you to develop, adapt, and optimize your early cancer diagnostic test to meet your specific project goals.

Luminex Assay Services

Custom Assay Development Process with R&D Systems Developers

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Consult Goals Milestones Communicate Results

Consult with our experts

Understand your goals

Document your milestone

Initiate and communicate

Deliver your results

Field Success

Enhancing Bladder Cancer Detection

Dr. Charles Rosser discusses Oncuria, an advanced bladder cancer test. He highlights Luminex xMAP technology's role in accuracy and addresses market challenges. Emphasizing proteomic tools, he shares his positive experience with R&D Systems reagents. This interview is essential for researchers and biotech professionals developing advanced cancer diagnostics.

Empowering Multiplex Cancer Assay Innovation

Listen as Dr. Charles Rosser, Founder and CEO of Nonagen Bioscience discusses the research and development of a 10-biomarker urine-based bladder cancer detection test using Luminex xMAP technology and high-quality reagents from R&D Systems.

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"We're excited to be working with Bio-Techne and appreciate their passion and commitment to bringing innovative clinical diagnostic tools to the market.

Bio-Techne has proven to be a reliable partner and quality supplier of its R&D Systems brand of Luminex® assays, which has helped accelerate our path to LDT approval for our Oncuria® diagnostic test for early detection, monitoring, and prediction of bladder cancer."

Hideki Furuya Assistant Professor, Cedars Sinai

Interested in Genomic Diagnostics for a Multiomic Approach?

Bio-Techne offers expert companion diagnostic multiomic services spanning the spectrum from biomarker discovery to regulatory approval and commercialization.
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