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Webinar: Revolutionizing Bladder Cancer Care: How Multiplex Assays Are Changing the Game

Webinar Summary

Charles Rosser, a research scientist and professor of biomedical sciences, has developed a multiplex test for early-stage bladder cancer using Luminex® xMAP® Technology. Bladder cancer affects over 570,000 people globally each year, and the Oncuria® test aims to detect bladder cancer, monitors for recurrence, and predicts which patients will benefit from the immunotherapy treatment. Current diagnostic assays lack sensitivity and do not provide a comprehensive view of the cancer’s molecular profile, but the Oncuria® test covers 10 glycoproteins to detect the biological signature of bladder cancer with sensitivity of 90% to 93% and specificity of 86% to 95%. The test received Breakthrough Device Designation status from the FDA and is currently available as a laboratory-developed test (LDT). In a recent clinical validation study involving about 350 patients, the test offered 93% sensitivity. Learn more about this "major shift" in the care of patients with bladder cancer.


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