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Recombinant Human M-CSF (CHO-expressed) Protein

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Recombinant Human M-CSF (CHO-expressed) Protein Bioactivity
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Key Product Details

Source: CHO
Accession #: P09603
Structure / Form: Disulfide-linked homodimer
Applications: Bioactivity

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FAQs for Recombinant Human M-CSF (CHO-expressed) Protein

  • How long will recombinant human M-CSF last in cell culture?

    End-users will need to determine the appropriate concentration and timing when adding Recombinant Human M-CSF Proteins to cell culture experiments. The addition of protein may be dependent on certain culture conditions, including the cell number, density, and media content. For techniques and methodologies, we recommend reviewing our list of publications under the Citations tab on the product-specific web page to find reported use of our products in similar experimental layouts.

  • Does recombinant human M-CSF show activity in mouse cells?

    We evaluate the bioactivity of Recombinant Human M-CSF Protein (Catalog # 216-MCC) in a cell proliferation assay using mouse myelogenous leukemia lymphoblast cells. Catalog # 216-MCC exhibits an ED50 in the range of 0.6-2.4 ng/mL in this assay using mouse cells. We also offer the Recombinant Mouse M-CSF Protein (Catalog # 416-ML) for use in mouse assay systems.

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