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Visit us at Booth #1763  | April 14-19 | Orange County Convention Center | Orlando, FL

Reduce challenges with consistency, supply, and scalability in your research and therapeutic programs with our high-quality reagents, automated analytical tools, and multiomic solutions. We are committed to supporting your cancer research from discovery to cell therapy development and manufacturing.

Poster Presentations

If you're not able to attend live, come back after the conference to listen on-demand.

Clinical Research Excluding Trials

Biomarkers of Therapeutic Benefit 4
An exosome-based ESR1 monitoring RT-qPCR technology that rapidly and accurately detects circulating tumor acquired resistance variants at ≤0.1% frequency in liquid biopsy samples

Gary Latham, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer Clinical Development
Asuragen, a Bio-Techne Brand

Tuesday | April 18 | 9:00 AM - 12:30 AM 
Section 37, Poster Board Number 29, Abstract 4354


Gary Lathan


Structural and Chemical Biology
Development of p300-targeting PROTACs with enhanced selectivity and onset of degradation

Hannah Maple, Ph.D., Senior Innovation Manager
Tocris, a Bio-Techne Brand

Tuesday | April 18 | 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Section 14,  Poster Board Number 3, Abstract 3841


Hannah Maple headshot

Molecular/Cellular Biology and Genetics

Non-coding RNAs in Breast and Gynecological/Urinary Tract Cancers and New Techniques/Technologies
Multi-omic spatial analysis with simultaneous detection of small RNAs, mRNAs and proteins using the novel RNAscope™ Plus technology

Sayantani Basak, Ph.D., Applications Scientist, Spatial Biology Applications
Advanced Cell Diagnostics, a Bio-Techne Brand

Tuesday | April 18 | 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Section 11, Poster Board Number 7, Abstract 3775


Sayantani Basak headshot

Clinical Research Excluding Trials

Spatial Proteomics and Transcriptomics 2
Interrogating the tumor-immune landscape with a novel automated RNAscope™ assay for multiplexed detection of RNA and protein

Anushka Dikshit, Ph.D., Group Leader, Spatial Biology Applications
Advanced Cell Diagnostics, a Bio-Techne Brand

Wednesday | April 19 | 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Section 43, Poster Board Number 11, Abstract 6771

Anushka Dikshit Headshot

Posters in Collaboration

Customer Testimonials

Clinical Research Excluding Trials

Biomarkers of Therapeutic Benefit 5
Application of a multiplex urinalysis test for predicting treatment response in patients with BCG unresponsive bladder cancer: a pilot study

Hideki Furuya, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor
Cedars-Sinai, Biomedical Sciences

Tuesday | April 18 | 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Section 37, Poster Board Number 6, Abstract 5456


Hideki Furuya Headshot

Partner Collaborations

Tumor Biology

Evaluating Tumor Progression via 3D and Spatial Approaches
High-plex co-detection of RNA and protein to explore tumor-immune interactions utilizing RNAscope™ with Imaging Mass Cytometry

Standard BioTools

Tuesday | April 18 | 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM EST
Section 4, Poster Board Number 26, Abstract 4636

Clinical Research Excluding Trials

Spatial Proteomics and Transcriptomics 1
Multiomic spatial profiling of the tumor immune microenvironment at single cell resolution

Akoya Biosciences, Inc.

Tuesday | April 18 | 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM EST
Section 43, Poster Board Number 1, Abstract 5626

Advances in Cell Therapies

Bio-Techne GMP Quality Compliance

Streamline Your Transition to GMP

  • Animal-free recombinant proteins
  • GMP Proteins
  • GMP Small Molecules
  • Custom GMP Antibodies
  • Analytical Solutions
  • Custom Services
Pala Instrument-Namocell

Fast, Gentle & Easy Single Cell Isolation

Traditional cell sorting methods can require extensive training and are therefore limited to specific users, at specific times. Whether you are cloning transfected single cells, isolating a specific population, or finding rare cancer cells, the compact and incredibly simple to use Namocell Pala single cell dispenser allows you to gently sort single cells or target cell populations in any lab.

Simple Plex Assay AAV Cells

Simple Plex™ Assays

Automated Simple Plex assays on the Ella platform offer a fast, sensitive, and reproducible method for reliable viral capsid or process residual measurement. Simple Plex viral titer assays are available to quantify both lentivirus and adeno-associated virus capsids. Simple Plex AAV assays on the Ella platform provide an accurate and efficient method for measuring the AAV capsid titer using AAV antibodies from industry leader PROGEN.

Spatial Phenotyping with Multiomics

Vivid Dyes ACD

See More in VIVID Color!

Introducing the Newly Enhanced RNAscope™ Multiplex Fluorescent V2 Assay with TSA Vivid™ Dyes. This assay provides exceptional sensitivity and allows single-molecule detection of up to four RNA targets simultaneously.

ACD RNAscope Plus

RNAscope™ Plus smRNA-RNA Assay Launch

Allows simultaneous detection of 1 smRNA and up to 3 RNA targets within a single sample using up to four target probes and the nuclei can be counterstained and visualized using DAPI fluorescent dye.

Introducing Mitobrilliant Dyes

Introducing MitoBrilliant™ Dyes

MitoBrilliant™ dyes have excellent brightness and photo-stability; they can produce a more stable, longer-lasting fluorescent signal than leading competitor dyes for live-cell imaging and retain exceptionally clear staining post-fixation. MitoBrilliant Live dyes also offer dynamic sensitivity to mitochondrial membrane potential (Δψm).

Multiomics for Early Detection

CDx Discover Divers

Your CDx Partner from Discovery to Commercialization

Bio-Techne offers precision medicine services to pharma partners spanning the continuum from biomarker discovery to post-market commercialization of companion diagnostic products.

blue origami mouse

The Largest Customizable Mouse Cytokine Panel on the Market

The new Mouse XL Cytokine Panel allows up to 45 analytes to be measured simultaneously.

View Analytes » 

Interested in benchtop automation and results in less than 90 minutes?

Explore our expanded mouse menu on Ella, a benchtop automated immunoassay platform. Get the rodent targets you need from the precise, reliable, and accurate Ella cartridges you know and trust.



Streamline Organ Site Resarch

Human liver organoids differentiated in Cultrex RGF BME, type 2 and stained for Albumin, Zona Occludens-1, and with Hoechst

Solve Your ECM Needs with Cultrex™ Basement Membrane Extracts

Eight different formulations are available to fit your specific and evolving research needs backed by Bio-Techne’s signature high quality, superior lot-to-lot consistency, comprehensive performance testing, low endotoxin, and free from common pathogens.

stem cells in culture at Bio-Techne

Improve the Survival of Your PSCs with CEPT Cocktail

CEPT Cocktail is a combination of 4 small molecules than have been demonstrated to enhance the survival of stem cells across the workflow, including single-cell cloning, long-term passaging, gene editing, organoid formation and cryopreservation.

Accelerate Drug Target Discovery

Floating Antibody Cell

New Biosimilar Antibodies for Top Targets

To help you stay on the cutting edge, we are adding new biosimilar antibodies for top targets including EGFR, ErbB2/Her2, and more!  Our Biosimilar antibodies are made with recombinant antibody technology and have the same sequence as the therapeutic antibody.

Tocriscreen Kinase Inhibitor Library

Streamline Your High-Throughput and Cell-Based High Content Screening

The Tocriscreen Kinase Inhibitors Library is a curated collection of 210 pre-dissolved, screening-ready kinase inhibitors. It targets a wide range of kinases, including extensive coverage of well-established targets such as VEFGR and AKT, as well as novel targets such as Haspin and DYRK, and features many compounds exclusive to Tocris. 

Scientist using a Luminex INTELLIFLEX instrument to run an assay

New Human Immuno-Oncology Luminex® Panel

This high performance panel includes 14 biomarkers to help propel your immune checkpoint and immune therapy research forward. Designed to get you reliable results faster.

Luminex® is a registered trademark of Luminex Corporation

ELISAs Hero Cell

Accelerate Your Research with the Most Cited ELISA Kits on Market

Explore our expanded menu of immunoassay kits for new targets. 

New Products:

  • Human CTLA-4 High Sensitivity and DuoSet ELISAs
  • Human PD-L1 DuoSet ELISA
  • Human IL-17 Quantikine QuicKit ELISA
  • Human IFN-alpha 2 Quantikine High Sensitivity ELISA
  • Mouse B7-H2 DuoSet ELISA
Recombinant Protein

TAG Degraders

TAG Degraders (e.g. dTAG, aTAG, BromoTag®) are a Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) based approach that allows rapid and highly selective intracellular protein degradation. The technology enables exploration of the effects of protein knockdown without requiring development of a specific Degrader for each protein targeted. Our complete workflow solution for target validation includes TAG knock-in cell lines, TAG Degraders, as well as assays for target degradation.

PROTAC degrader molecule in complex with an E3 ligase and the target protein

Protein Degraders

Bifunctional small molecule “Degraders”, such as PROTAC® molecules, consisting of an E3 ligase ligand joined by a linker to a target protein ligand, are a highly useful technology for achieving Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD), by harnessing the ubiquitin proteasome system to selectively remove the target protein from the cell. Our wide range of Active Degraders (PROTAC® molecules) can help you explore your target of interest.

PROTAC® is a registered trademark of Arvinas Operations Inc.