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Producing the World's Most Difficult Proteins

From off-the-shelf proteins to custom protein products, Bio-Techne’s protein leadership team provides high-grade project-specific solutions.


Anthony Person is a protein expert who has walked both the worlds of academia and the biopharmaceutical industry. Person earned his PhD from the University of Arizona, where he discovered the role of the TGF beta superfamily and WNT glycoproteins in the morphogenesis of mitral and tricuspid valves in chicken and mouse models. He continued his research as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Minnesota, where he discovered how mutations in WNT proteins cause outflow track effects in the heart. He then transitioned to a position in the protein bioassay unit at R&D Systems, a Bio-Techne brand, for two years before taking a job at Cellscript, a Madison Wisconsin company, where he focused on developing mRNA-based cellular transformation technologies. In 2013, Person returned to the Bio-Techne bioassay unit. Committing himself to the production of proteins, Person became the associate director of molecular and cell culture at Bio-Techne, and in 2018, he became the senior director of protein development. Person’s protein development group specializes in making the world’s most difficult proteins for research and therapeutics.

Bio-Techne is a leading manufacturer of proteins for research and clinical manufacturing, led by Protein Business Unit leader Anthony Person.
Protein Bioprocessing: we offer a selection of flexible and fully-integrated solutions for your workflow.

What is the process for making custom protein?

Generally, a customer will post an inquiry through our custom services portal on our website. Then our customer service representatives initiate a conversation to understand the customer's needs. From there, the project moves to our technical team, where we put together a statement of work with gated timelines. From there, we test if we can express the gene of interest in our various host systems, and send the customer a sample of the protein at a small scale to test in their applications. If the customer approves, then we scale-up and provide mass quantities of the protein for their work. When we launch custom projects, we work with confidential information. We do not share this with anyone besides the customer; we take that very seriously.

Can you talk about Bio-Techne’s GMP services?

Our customers use our GMP proteins as ancillary materials for clinical applications, and they deserve a consistent supply of high quality proteins with minimal lot-to-lot variability. We provide complete documentation of how our GMP proteins are produced and how they perform in quality control testing. Whenever possible, our GMP proteins are produced under strict animal-free conditions including all materials, equipment, dedicated laboratories, and documentation. Of course, our Quality Team ensures compliance with all relevant guidelines from governing authorities.

GMP protein manufacturing facility for supplying cell and gene therapy manufacturers with cytokines, such as IL-2, IL-7, IL-15 and IL-21.
Bulk bioprocessing reagents

What are the advantages of protein production with Bio-Techne?

We make the highest quality proteins in the business. We go out of our way to show lot-to-lot consistency. We offer robust stability testing. We have a large analytical core that consistently looks at our proteins to make sure that they are correct and that there aren't any contaminants. We are a premium vendor of proteins. If you want the best proteins in the world, come to us.