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Trevigen Joins the Bio-Techne Family

On September 5, 2017, Trevigen joined the Bio-Techne family. For over 25 years, Trevigen has developed innovative tools for generating and analyzing physiologic cell culture models, such as organoids, tumorspheres, and stem cell-derived cellular systems. These models are being used to make critical advancements in drug discovery, toxicology, regenerative medicine, cell therapy, and cancer research. With strong brands like the CultrexTM basement membrane matrix and the CometAssayTM for cell damage, the Trevigen product portfolio is an important addition to Bio-Techne. It solidifies our ability to offer full workflow solutions to customers using 2D and 3D culture models to investigate cell behavior and cytotoxic events.

In the sections below, we outline where you can find the Trevigen products within the Bio-Techne website and how synergies in the Bio-Techne and Trevigen portfolio will benefit scientists across a wide range of research areas.

Stem Cell Research

Cell culture matrix substrates are used to expand, maintain, and differentiate pluripotent stem cells in vitroCultrexTM basement membrane matrix is routinely incorporated into the stem cell culture workflow of the research and development teams at Bio-Techne. It is also a featured component in many of our StemXVivoTM differentiation kits and stem cell expansion and differentiation protocols. We have utilized the Cultrex portfolio because we believe in the quality and consistency that it provides for our stem cells. Having the full Trevigen portfolio integrated with Bio-Techne allows us to provide a broader offering of high quality culture reagents to the stem cell community. Check out our full portfolio of stem cell reagents.

Organoid/3D Culture Systems

Trevigen has developed a full line of products and resources that are designed to support scientists using 3D and organoid models in their research. This includes organoid- and stem cell-qualified CultrexTM basement membrane matrices, organoid harvesting solution, and Cultrex R-Spondin 1 cells.

The synergies between the Trevigen and Bio-Techne portfolio are clearly exemplified on the Organoid and 3D Culture Reagents page. This page shows a roster of necessary proteins, small molecules, media supplements, extracellular matrix components, and other ancillary reagents for organoid generation and analysis.

Cancer Research Models

Bio-Techne is a leading provider of reagents and assays for cell therapy and immuno-oncology. Our research and development team is on the cutting-edge of discovery for emerging targets for immunotherapy and innovative immunoassays for immuno-oncology. By integrating in the Trevigen portfolio, Bio-Techne can now offer researchers an expanded set of kits and reagents to measure cell damage and behavior, which is critical to the cancer research community. These assays include cell proliferation, cell death (TUNEL), single-cell DNA damage (CometAssay), double-strand breaks (gamma-H2AX), PARP activity assays, and oxidative stress biomarkers (8-oxo-dG, BPDE, GSH and SOD).

Drug Discovery and Toxicology

The areas of drug discovery and toxicology testing is really where the full synergies of the Bio-Techne and Trevigen product portfolios start to shine. Stem cell, organoid, and cancer tumorsphere models are all being utilized as physiological models for disease modeling and drug assessment. Generating these models requires the combined use of R&D SystemsTM reagents, TocrisTM small molecules, and Cultrex basement membrane matrix components. Cell and DNA damage kits and reagents from Trevigen are critical for assessing the effects of drugs on these 2D and 3D culture systems. Now researchers can find all of these reagents at one company!

Bio-Techne and Trevigen - Building Better 2D and 3D Cell Culture Models

We believe that the natural product synergies between our two companies are a great benefit to researchers using stem cell, organoid, and tumor models. With Bio-Techne and Trevigen reagents we can help scientists build better 2D and 3D cell culture models!