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Cultrex HA-R-Spondin1-Fc 293T Cells

1 vial (1x10^6 cell/vial)

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Features: Stably transfected 293T cells expressing murine R-Spondin 1 that have an N-terminal HA epitope tag and are fused to a C-terminal murine IgG2a Fc fragment.
Cultrex HA-R-Spondin1-Fc 293T Cells
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  • Cultrex HA-R-Spondin1-Fc 293T Cells
    Name: Anonymous
    Verified Customer | Posted 12/28/2020
    For organoid culture
    Cultrex HA-R-Spondin1-Fc 293T Cells Serum 3710-001-01
  • Cultrex HA-R-Spondin1-Fc 293T Cells
    Name: Anonymous
    Application: generation of organoids for in vivo studies
    Reason for Rating: Cells produced R-spondin
    Verified Customer | Posted 02/05/2019
    Used to confirm activation of Wnt signalling

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  • Murine R-Spondin 1 is reported to be a 27kDa protein, but the protein produced by the 293T cells in Catalog # 3710-001-01  is 70-75 kDa. Why?

    The natural R-Spondin 1 protein is approximately 27 kDa. The cells in this product express a construct containing both an additional HA-tag plus an Fc fragment, hence the much larger size.

  • For culturing and handling of the Cultrex HA-R-Spondin1-Fc 293T Cells (catalog # 3710-001-01), does the Fetal Bovine Serum need to be heat-inactivated in the Basal Growth Medium or Freeze Medium?

    Heat-inactivated serum is not required for either of these media.

  • Has this cell line been tested for mycoplasma?

    Yes, all retail lots are tested to confirm mycoplasma is undetected by PCR, which is documented on the lot-specific CoA.

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