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Why Bio-Techne Biosimilar Antibodies?

  • Our biosimilar antibodies are made using the identical sequence of the original therapeutic product, with no alteration or truncation, including variable region and Fc domain.
  • Our proprietary recombinant antibody expression will scale to meet your growing needs with high yields and lot-to-lot consistency.
  • Specifically detect biosimilar antibodies in bridging assays with anti-idiotype antibodies.

Biosimilar Antibodies from Bio-Techne

Research use only (RUO) biosimilar antibodies offer substantial value to biomedical research as they offer cost-effective alternatives for studying and characterizing specific disease targets in critical fields of study, including immuno-oncology, autoimmunity, and inflammatory disease research. Biosimilar antibodies can serve as critical controls to benchmark novel treatments.

Biosimilar Antibody Target Molecule
Adalimumab TNF-alpha
Aducanumab APP/Protease Nexin II
Alemtuzumab  CD52
Alirocumab Proprotein Convertase 9/PCSK9
Atezolizumab PD-L1/B7-H1
Basiliximab CD25/IL-2R alpha
Bevacizumab VEGF
Canakinumab IL-1 beta/IL-1F2
Caplacizumab Coming soon! vWF
Cetuximab EGFR
Daratumumab Coming soon! CD38
Efalizumab Integrin alpha L/CD11a
Gemtuzumab Siglec-3/CD33
Mepolizumab Coming soon! IL-5
Natalizumab Integrin alpha 4 beta 1
Nirsevimab Coming soon! RSV
Pembrolizumab New! PD-1
Rituximab CD20
Sutimlimab Coming soon! C1s
Teplizumab CD3
Tocilizumab Coming soon! IL-6R alpha
Trastuzumab ErbB2/Her2
Vedolizumab Integrin alpha 4 beta 7/LPAM-1

Note: Antibodies are for research use only.

Biosimilar Antibodies for Research Use

Biosimilars are biological products, such as antibodies and proteins, that are highly similar in structure, function, and efficacy to FDA-approved biopharmaceuticals (also called reference products). Biosimilar antibody development at Bio-Techne includes in silico design and reverse engineering to generate both light chain (lc) and heavy chain (hc) sequences for each antibody. After transfection of the dual expression vector, Bio-Techne’s biosimilar antibodies undergo rigorous application testing to ensure the final biosimilar product is suited for your research needs.

Production steps depicted in a cycle for development of biosimilar antibodies at Bio-Techne.
Schematic representation of production of biosimilars at Bio-Techne.

Equivalency and Assay Development with Biosimilar Antibodies

Biosimilar antibodies are utilized in bioequivalence studies to demonstrate similarity to the reference product, ensuring comparable efficacy and safety profiles for novel therapeutics. Important characteristics to compare to determine equivalency are kinetics, functionality, and surface charge characterization (e.g. capillary isoelectric focusing, cIEF).  Additionally, biosimilar antibodies can be used in therapeutic research to explore potential treatment options for “off-label” diseases.

Biosimilar antibodies are also commonly used in bridging assays, including anti-drug antibody (ADA) and pharmacokinetic (PK) assays. ADA assays utilize biosimilar antibodies to capture and detect anti-drug antibodies in patient samples and quantify the immune response. These assays help evaluate the immunogenicity of a biosimilar and, therefore, provide insight into safety and efficacy of potential therapeutics. PK assays are used to investigate a drug’s absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion. Understanding the PK profile helps establish appropriate drug dosing to ensure optimal therapeutic outcomes. Research grade biosimilar antibodies, paired with anti-idiotype antibodies, can serve as controls and calibration standards in PK assays.

Anti-Idiotype Antibodies

Anti-idiotype antibodies are antibodies that target and bind to the antigen binding site, or complementarity determining region (CDR), of other antibodies. In relation to biosimilars, our anti-idiotype antibodies are designed to bind and detect specific biosimilar antibodies. For example, our anti-Rituximab Antibody will only bind to our Rituximab biosimilar antibody. Anti-idiotype antibodies are invaluable tools in the development and evaluation of antibody therapies, specifically for PK bridging assays (shown below) or as positive controls for ADA assays. Bio-Techne offers anti-idiotype antibodies that have been tested in-house to confirm specificity and functionality, ensuring they are reliable tools for assay development.

The blue Anti-idiotype antibodies specifically detect the green Biosimilar antibody, Rituximab (green bars in graph), but not the other biosimilar, Cetuximab (orange bar in graph).

Rituximab (Anti-Idiotype) Antibody (Catalog # MAB9630) was used to specifically capture the Anti-Human CD20 (Rituximab Biosimilar) Antibody (Catalog # MAB9575) at 0.1 µg/mL and 0.02 µg/mL (teal bars) but did not bridge other biosimilars like Anti-Human EGFR (Cetuximab Biosimilar) Antibody (Catalog # MAB9577) (purple bar).

If you can’t find the anti-idiotype antibody that you need for your experiment, leverage the skill and expertise of our antibody development scientists by contacting our custom antibody services team.

Biosimilar Assay Development and Related Products

Recombinant Proteins Teaser FrontImg

Recombinant Proteins

R&D SystemsTM, a Bio-Techne brand, is the leading manufacturer of recombinant proteins. Explore our available proteins to develop your own plate-based assays to test the binding of your biosimilar antibody.

Namocell Single Cell Dispensers

Namocell Single Cell Dispensers

Accelerate your monoclonal antibody discovery with Namocell’s Single Cell Dispensers for fast, easy, and gentle single cell isolation.

Cell Culture Reagents

Cell Culture Reagents

From biosimilar production to evaluation in cell-based assays, cell culture reagents are a crucial part of the biosimilar workflow. Explore media and BME to support the growth and maintenance of mammalian cells.