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Biosimilar Antibodies for Research Use

Biosimilars are biological products, such as proteins and antibodies, that are highly similar in structure, function, and efficacy to an FDA-approved biopharmaceutical. They are becoming critical therapeutics for the treatment of many diseases including cancer. Biosimilars are also invaluable tools for studying and evaluating the processes and effects of biopharmaceuticals as they are easier and less expensive to obtain.

Bio-Techne offers research grade biosimilar antibodies for many biotherapeutic antibodies, including:

Biosimilar Antibody      Target Molecule
Cetuximab EGFR
Rituximab CD20
Trastuzumab ErB2/Her2
Adalimumab TNF-α
Vedolizumab Integrin α4β7/LPAM-1
Bevacizumab VEGF
Basiliximab CD25/IL-2 Rα
Alemtuzumab CD52
Atezolizumab PD-L1/B7-H1
Gemtuzumab Siglec-3/CD33
Aducanumab APP/Protease Nexin II


Our biosimilar antibodies are developed with recombinant antibody technology using the same sequence as the therapeutic antibody and are tested to ensure specific binding to the same targeted molecule. Our research grade biosimilar antibodies are an excellent option for drug research studies or assay development.

CD20 detection in transfected (top) & control (bottom) cells by Research Grade Rituximab Biosimilar.

Novus Biosimilar Antibodies

Our Novus Biologicals™ brand offers a large selection of biosimilar antibodies for drug research. Novus antibodies are highly validated and backed by our 100% guarantee, so you know your experiment will work the first time.

Benefits of Bio-Techne Biosimilar Antibodies

  • Our biosimilar antibodies are available in a variety of sizes including sample sizes for screening, off-the-shelf larger sizes for a quick start to your experiment, and bulk sizes for long-term studies.
  • We offer biosimilar antibodies conjugated to a variety fluorescent and enzymatic labels for easy use in flow cytometry or assay experiments.
  • Our biosimilar antibodies undergo comprehensive validation testing to ensure outstanding performance and specific binding to the same molecule that is targeted by the biotherapeutic antibodies. Their use is also supported by our extraordinary technical service team and our 100% Guarantee.

Uses for Biosimilar Antibodies

Biosimilar antibodies are used for many research applications including flow cytometry, immunofluorescence, and blocking/neutralization assays. Biosimilar antibodies are also commonly used in a number of bridging assays including anti-drug antibody (ADA) and pharmacokinetic (PK) assays. ADA assays utilize biosimilar antibodies to capture and detect anti-drug antibodies (i.e., antibodies that bind to the idiotope of a therapeutic antibody) in samples. PK assays are used to investigate a drug’s absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion. Anti-idiotype antibodies are used to capture and detect the drug or biosimilar. Research grade biosimilar antibodies, paired with anti-idiotype antibodies, can serve as controls and calibration standards in PK assays.

Bio-Techne biosimilar antibodies and anti-idiotype antibodies can be used in many bridging assays, illustrated by the use of  Bio-Techne’s Anti-Rituximab (Anti-Idiotype) Antibody to detect the Rituximab Biosimilar.

Diagram of a bridging assay using biosimilar and anti-idiotype antibodies (left figure). Rituximab Biosimilar was detected in a bridging assay using an Anti-Rituximab (Anti-Idiotype) Antibody (Catalog # MAB9630), which is specific for the Rituximab Biosimilar as it did not bridge other biosimilars (right figure).

Characterize the Pharmacokinetics of Biosimilars

Simple Western™ on Peggy Sue™ combines the separation power of cIEF and CE-SDS assays with the sensitive and specific detection of an immunoassay. This combination places Simple Western in a unique position to study the pharmacokinetic properties of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and their biosimilars.

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