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Rat IgG2A Isotype Control

R&D Systems, Inc. a Bio-Techne Brand

Detection of Rat IgG Isotype Control by Flow Cytometry
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Key Product Details

Immunogen: KLH
Applications: Control
Label: Unconjugated
Source: Monoclonal Rat IgG2A Clone # 54447

Selected for use as rat IgG2A isotype control. In direct ELISAs, does not cross-react with recombinant human (rh) 6Ckine, recombinant mouse (rm) 6Ckine, rhACT II (rhMIP-1 beta ), rhBLC/BCA-1, rmBLC, rmC10, recombinant rat (rr) CINC-1, rrCINC-2 alpha, rrCINC-2 beta, rrCINC-3, rhCK beta 8-1, recombinant viral (rv) CMV UL146, rmCRG-2, rhENA-78, rhEotaxin, rmEotaxin, rhEotaxin 2, rhEotaxin-3, rmEotaxin 2, rhFractalkine, rmFractalkine, rrFractalkine, rhGCP-2, rmGCP-2, rhGRO alpha, rhGRO beta, rhGRO gamma, rhHCC-1, rhHCC-4, rhI-309, rhIL-8, recombinant porcine IL-8, rhIP-10, rhI-TAC, rmJE, rmKC, rhLeukotactin -1, rhLymphytactin, rmLymphotactin, rmMARC, rhMCP-1, rhMCP-2, rhMCP-3, rhMCP-4, rmMCP-5, rvMCV Type 2, rhMDC, rmMDC, rhMIG, rmMIG, rhMIP-1 alpha, rmMIP-1 alpha, rmMIP-1 beta, rmMIP-1 gamma, rhMIP-1δ, rmMIP-2, rhMIP-3 alpha, rrMIP-3 alpha, rhMIP-3 beta, rmMIP-3 alpha, rmMIP-3 beta, rvMIP-I, rvMIP-II, rvMIP-III, rhMPIF-1, rhNAP-2, rhParc, rhRANTES, rmRANTES, rhSDF-1 alpha, rmSDF-1 alpha, rhSDF-1 beta, rhTarc, rmTARC, rmTCA-3, rhTeck, or rmTeck.

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  • Rat IgG2A Isotype Control
    Name: Lu Bai
    Application: Flow
    Sample Tested: bone marrow
    Species: Rat
    Verified Customer | Posted 05/06/2022
  • Rat IgG2A Isotype Control
    Name: Anonymous
    Application: B/N
    Sample Tested: Cell culture supernatant
    Species: Human
    Verified Customer | Posted 05/01/2020
    Rat IgG2A Isotype Control Block/Neutralize MAB006

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