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Cloudz Screening Kit

Dissolvable microspheres bound to streptavidin for flexible cell expansion options with any biotinylated ligand

Key Product Details

Features: Flexible platform to screen ligands for identification of optimal cell expansion process. Cloudz can be conjugated to any biotinylated ligand for activation of cells. After cells are activated, our release buffer completely dissolves the Cloudz microspheres leaving behind a highly pure, expanded cell population. Don't see your preferred biotinlyated ligand? Our Novus team can biotinylate any antibody of interest via the custom team.
Key Benefits:

Dissolvable hydrogels composed of alginate are cell friendly and easy to remove after activation

  • Streptavidin-conjugated cloudz for use with any biotinylated ligand
  • Cloudz microspheres dissolve in seconds after activation
  • Customizable platform to tune to your specific process

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