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Key Product Details

Species Reactivity



CyTOF-ready, Flow Cytometry, Western Blot



Antibody Source

Monoclonal Mouse IgG2B Clone # 413512

Product Summary for Human CLEC4D/CLECSF8 Antibody


Mouse myeloma cell line NS0-derived recombinant human CLEC4D/CLECSF8
Accession # Q8WXI8


Detects human CLEC4D/CLECSF8 in direct ELISAs and Western blots. In direct ELISAs and Western blots, no cross-reactivity with recombinant human (rh) CLECSF9, rhCLECSF13, rhOCIL, or rhOCILrp2 is observed.







Scientific Data Images for Human CLEC4D/CLECSF8 Antibody

Detection of CLEC4D/CLECSF8 antibody in Human Monocytes antibody by Flow Cytometry.

Detection of CLEC4D/CLECSF8 in Human Monocytes by Flow Cytometry.

Human whole blood monocytes were stained with Mouse Anti-Human CLEC4D/CLECSF8 Monoclonal Antibody (Catalog # MAB2806, filled histogram) or isotype control antibody (Catalog # MAB0041, open histogram), followed by Phycoerythrin-conjugated Anti-Mouse IgG F(ab')2Secondary Antibody (Catalog # F0102B).

Applications for Human CLEC4D/CLECSF8 Antibody

Recommended Usage


Ready to be labeled using established conjugation methods. No BSA or other carrier proteins that could interfere with conjugation.

Flow Cytometry

2.5 µg/106 cells
Sample: Human whole blood monocytes

Western Blot

1 µg/mL
Sample: Recombinant Human CLEC4D/CLECSF8 under non-reducing conditions only
Please Note: Optimal dilutions of this antibody should be experimentally determined.

Published Applications

Read 2 publications using MAB2806 in the following applications:

Formulation, Preparation, and Storage


Protein A or G purified from hybridoma culture supernatant


Reconstitute at 0.5 mg/mL in sterile PBS. For liquid material, refer to CoA for concentration.

Reconstitution Buffer Available:
Size / Price


Lyophilized from a 0.2 μm filtered solution in PBS with Trehalose. *Small pack size (SP) is supplied either lyophilized or as a 0.2 µm filtered solution in PBS.


The product is shipped at ambient temperature. Upon receipt, store it immediately at the temperature recommended below. *Small pack size (SP) is shipped with polar packs. Upon receipt, store it immediately at -20 to -70 °C

Stability & Storage

Use a manual defrost freezer and avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
  • 12 months from date of receipt, -20 to -70 °C as supplied.
  • 1 month, 2 to 8 °C under sterile conditions after reconstitution.
  • 6 months, -20 to -70 °C under sterile conditions after reconstitution.

Background: CLEC4D/CLECSF8

CLEC4D (C-type lectin domain family 4 member D), also known as CLCSF8, CLEC-6, and MCL, is a 30 kDa type II transmembrane (TM) glycoprotein that belongs to the CLR (C-type Lectin Receptor) family of molecules. It is synthesized as a 215 amino acid (aa) protein that contains a 17 aa N-terminal cytoplasmic domain, a 21 aa TM segment, and a 177 aa C-terminal extracellular region. The extracellular region shows a short stalk and a 118 aa CRD (carbohydrate recognition domain). The nature of its carbohydrate ligand is unknown. CLEC4D is restricted to monocytes/macrophages and serves as an endocytic receptor. Homodimers and homotrimers form on the cell surface. The human CLEC4D extracellular region shares 63% aa sequence identity with the mouse extracellular region.

Long Name

C-type Lectin Domain Family 4, Member D

Alternate Names

CD368, CLEC6, CLECSF8, Mpcl

Entrez Gene IDs

338339 (Human); 17474 (Mouse)

Gene Symbol



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Product Specific Notices for Human CLEC4D/CLECSF8 Antibody

For research use only


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