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Don’t Let Cost Prevent You from Automating Your Western Blotting Workflows!

Save on Run Cost and Labor Cost with Simple Western

Simple Western Cost Per Data Point

    Simple Western Lowers the Cost per Result vs. Traditional Western Blot

    Despite all the benefits of Simple Western™ assays, many researchers continue to use traditional Western blot technology due to concerns about cost when moving to an automated solution like Simple Western. In a head-to-head comparison between Simple Western and traditional western blotting run costs, Simple Western lowers the cost per data point compared to traditional Western blot! And not only is the cost per data point lower, but switching to Simple Western saves time, labor, and sample consumption as well. With Simple Western, the time to results is as little as 3 hours instead of 2 days, and the hands-on time is reduced to only 1 hour. Simple Western also uses less sample volume - only 3 µL - and processes 25 samples per run!



    Hands-On Time

    Time to Results

    Sample Volume

    Sample Amount

    Data Points per Sample

    Cost per Result

    Western Blot

    8 hours

    24 to 48 hours

    10 to 20 µL

    10 µg



    Simple Western

    1 hour

    3 to 5 hours

    3 µL

    3 µg

    2 with RePlex™

    (3 with Stellar™)


    Learn About Simple Western
    Simple Western consumables by ProteinSimple a Bio-Techne brand

    Save Reagents and Samples with Simple Western

    How much does it cost to Western blot? Our calculation takes in the total consumables and reagent cost of Western blot analysis by Simple Western instruments like Jess™ and Abby™ and by traditional Western blot with semi-automated workflows and with home-cast and premade gels. Then, we divide the total run cost by the number of data points that are generated per sample. For example, RePlex assays on Simple Western generate two data points per sample, making the cost per data point $4.32. By contrast, the traditional Western blot cost per data point is $4.73 for hand-cast gels and $8.96 for semi-automated workflows. Thus, the run cost on Simple Western is less than traditional Western blots - and Simple Western is fully automated!

    Jess vs Western Blotting Infographic

    Plus, Save Time and Labor

    As the only fully automated Western blot analysis solution, Simple Western dramatically reduces hands-on time compared to traditional Western blot. Typically, Simple Western assays on Jess and Abby require less than one hour of hands-on time for sample preparation. By contrast, traditional Western blot testing has many manual steps that significantly increase hands-on time, such as pipetting, transferring, blotting, washing, probing, and detection. As a result, the total hands-on time for traditional Western blotting workflows can be 8 or more hours. It is clear that Simple Western requires far less hands-on time, freeing up resources for improved productivity, like experimental design and analysis.

    Once samples are prepared, how much time does it take to get data from your experiment?  The total time between loading samples and getting fully analyzed results back is 3-5 hours on Jess and Abby, while the time cost of Western blot can be 2-3 days. Don’t stay up overnight waiting for results with antiquated Western blot testing. Win the race to results with Simple Western!

    The Bottom Line: Simple Western Lowers the Cost of Western Blot

    The overall cost of Western blot analysis on Simple Western - including time, labor, and sample consumption - is lower than the cost of traditional Western blotting workflows. Contact your sales representative to review your Western blot cost and learn how much you can save by switching to Simple Western

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