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Reprobe Your Immunoassay Samples Using RePlex

Application Notes

Application Notes Summary

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To gain the most data out of your precious sample, Simple Western™ instruments Jess™ and Abby™ provide a two-step immunoassay that is performed within the same capillary. This feature, called RePlex™, removes the antibodies from the first round of probing to perform either a second round of probing with new antibodies or total protein detection. Importantly, RePlex efficiently removes antibodies between probing without compromising the integrity of the immobilized protein or its epitopes, allowing for excellent reproducibility across cycles. With Jess's chemiluminescence and fluorescence channels, you can detect multiple targets per cycle. The second cycle can also be dedicated to total protein detection so that you can normalize your data with confidence. All the steps of RePlex are automatically performed with Jess and Abby, providing more data, and lowering the cost per result compared to traditional Western blot.

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