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Pioneering Cell and Gene Therapy Solutions

from Discovery to the Clinic

Pioneering Tools to Simplify Your Workflow

Your vision is to create revolutionary cell and gene therapies to treat life threatening diseases. Bio-Techne is in this journey with you. As a full-solution ancillary reagent and services provider, we will stand by you, providing flexible and pioneering tools to simplify your workflow at every step of the manufacturing process. From CAR T cells to pluripotent stem cells, let us help you get your therapy to market!

Simplifying Cell and Gene Therapy Through Innovation

Our goal is to provide innovative and flexible solutions that expedite the path of your cell therapy from the laboratory to the clinic. Our ancillary reagents, raw materials, and automated analytic instrumentation provide the framework to confidently build out ex vivo manufacturing procedures. The following five attributes are at the core of our cell and gene therapy mission:

Innovative Solutions

We are invested in creating reagents and tools that disrupt the status quo for manufacturing, validating, and monitoring cell therapies. With a focus on efficiency and safety, our industry-leading technologies will enhance your cell therapy manufacturing process. View our Cell Therapy Innovations


Experienced manufacturing and quality systems at Bio-Techne will ensure that our GMP reagent supply meets your requirements for scale-up. With ISO 9001 and 13485 Certifications, USP, and European Guidelines in place, you can be confident in the supply and quality of our raw materials for immune and stem cell therapy manufacturing.

Flexibility and Customization

Our GMP-grade ancillary reagents are designed to plug into all existing closed system ex vivo cell manufacturing workflows. This flexibility lets you dictate the best culture vessel and manufacturing combination for scaling up your specific cell therapy. Our flexibility extends into GMP custom services for media, proteins, antibodies, and cell selection. No cell therapy challenge is beyond our ability to help.

Consistency and Reproducibility

We apply stringent quality standards to all of our cell therapy tools, including GMP-grade reagents. We guarantee lot-to-lot consistency and proper documentation for every GMP reagent we produce, so you can be confident your process will be reproducible, compliant, and traceable.

Reduced Risk

We are developing cell therapy manufacturing products to help you reduce the risk to patients. We follow GMP regulatory frameworks, and we are re-thinking the standard of reagent design with simplicity and safety in mind.

Our Pioneering Tools for Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Cloudz™ T Cell Activation Kit - CD3/CD28

Easy, Robust, Clean, and Flexible

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GMP Small Molecules

For Stem Cell Therapy Manufacturing

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Ella and Simple Plex Assays

Improving the Consistency and Sensitivity of Quality Control Assays

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Custom Solutions for Cell Therapy

Efficient workflows often require customized solutions. Put our decades of experience to work for you. View our portfolio of services for customizing your cell therapy manufacturing workflow.

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