The metabolism of dietary nutrients is regulated to balance the production of life-sustaining molecules and the maintenance of energy stores. Dysregulation of this balance is a dominant feature of type 2 diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome. Bio-Techne provides an outstanding selection of high-quality reagents and assays for metabolism research. We offer antibodies, bioactive proteins, small molecules, and immunoassays for studying lipid metabolism, glucose homeostasis, and energy balance.

  1. Reagents and Assays for Lipid Metabolism Research

    Lipid Metabolism

    Investigate the details of triglyceride and cholesterol transport in lipoprotein particles, cellular uptake of LDL/VLDL/HDL, and intracellular metabolism.

    Fats Handling
  2. Reagents and Assays for Glucose Homeostasis Research

    Glucose Homeostasis

    Tease apart the regulation of glucose homeostasis by Insulin and Glucagon, including cellular uptake and intracellular metabolism.

    Sugars Handling
  3. Reagents and Assays for Energy Balance Research

    Energy Balance

    System-wide energy balance depends on the regulation of appetite and energy expenditure by the gut-brain axis.

    Energy Ins and Outs