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Simple Plex AAV1 Cartridge

Bio-Techne includes ProteinSimple | Catalog # SPCKB-OT-007969

Simple Plex AAV1 assay kit contains cartridge, sample diluent SD19, and wash buffer. Part # starting with ST01 ships in 2-3 days.
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Simple Plex AAV1 Cartridge Summary: Simple Plex assay for the detection of Adeno-Associated Virus type 1 (AAV1) intact capsids in bioprocess samples. This assay uses PROGEN's AAV1 (ADK1a) antibody.

*The Sample Volume represented is based on the amount of sample incorporated into the reaction after taking into account the assay’s minimum required dilution for a given matrix.  Serial dilution may be necessary to achieve some of the final sample volumes represented.

FAQs for Simple Plex AAV1 Cartridge

  • Do the AAV assays recognize fully-assembled capsids?

    Yes, these assays detect fully-assembled capsids. Non-assembled protein or partially assembled capsids will not be detected.

  • Do the AAV assays recognize both natural and recombinant AAV?

    Yes, the AAV assays detect both natural and recombinant AAV. 

  • Does the AAV1 assay recognize other AAV serotypes?

    This assay recognizes intact AAV1 capsids. The AAV1 antibody (ADK1a) used in this assay cross-reacts with AAV6 and AAV12.

  • Do the Simple Plex AAV assays distinguish between full and empty capsids?

    No, the AAV assays do not distinguish between full and empty capsids. Complementary methods are required to distinguish full and empty capsids.

  • What diluent is provided with the AAV assays?

    The AAV assays are supplied with SD19 concentrate. The concentrate should be diluted 1:5 in deionized or dilstilled water prior to use. 

  • What is the minimum required dilution (MRD) for bio-process samples?

    All samples require a minimum 2-fold dilution for use in Simple Plex assays, but further dilution may be needed for optimal performace. An appropriate dilution factor for each process matrix should be determined experimentally by assessment of sample linearity and spike recovery. 

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