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Recombinant Human FGF basic/FGF2 (146 aa) GMP Protein, CFGMP

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Source: E. coli
Accession #: P09038
Applications: Bioactivity

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Currently there are no citations for Recombinant Human FGF basic/FGF2 (146 aa) GMP Protein, CF.

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  • Recombinant Human FGF basic (146 aa) GMP Protein, CF
    Name: Anonymous | 26th May 2018
    Application: CellProlif

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  • What receptors does FGF basic bind?

    FGF receptor specificity has been reviewed in multiple citations. Please find more information at: //

  • Does human FGF basic show activity on mouse cells?

    Yes, it does. The bioassay uses NR-6 mouse fibroblast cells.  There is 95% homology between the human and mouse protein and 98% homology between the human and mouse receptor.

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