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Maurice cIEF Method Development Kit

Catalog # PS-MDK01-C | ProteinSimple a Bio-Techne Brand
Maurice cIEF Method Development Kit

Key Product Details

The cIEF Method Development Kit provides all the reagents and instructions to help you develop fast and robust cIEF method on Maurice and Maurice C. systems. The kit includes a Method Development Guide as well as a selection of reagents required for cIEF method development on the system. This kit includes a Fluorescence Calibration Standard, System Suitability Kit, Anolyte, Catholyte, Methyl Cellulose, five types of Ampholytes (Pharmalyte pH ranges 3-10, 2.5-5, 5-8 and 8 to 10.5 and Servalyte pH range 2-9), eight pI Markers (3.38, 4.05, 5.85, 6.14, 7.05, 8.40, 9.99 and 10.17) and additives (SimpleSol Protein Solubilizer, PN 046-574, lyophilized urea and arginine). 30 Samples/kit. The expiration date for this kit is 12 months from date of manufacture. For use with the cIEF cartridge (PS-MC02-C) on Maurice and Maurice C. systems only.

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