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Cultrex ReadyBME, Stem Cell Qualified, Reduced Growth Factor

Ready-to-use Cultrex Basement Membrane Extract (BME) for the feeder-free culture of pluripotent stem cells.

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Key Benefits:
  • Ready-to-use, stem cell qualified coating matrix
  • Minimizes handling and dilution variability
  • Improves experimental consistency and success
  • Reduces preparation time for feeder-free stem cell culture
  • Pre-diluted from concentrated Cultrex BME, Stem Cell Qualified
Cultrex ReadyBME, Stem Cell Qualified Reduced Growth Factor_3434-050-RTU
Maintenance of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells_Cultrex ReadyBME_3434-050-RTU
Human iPSC and ESC Colony Formation_Cultrex ReadyBME_3434-050-RTU
Trilineage Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells using Cultrex ReadyBME
Cultrex ReadyBME Similar Performance to Stem Cell Qualified Cultrex RGF BME
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  • Cultrex ReadyBME, Stem Cell Qualified, Reduced Growth Factor
    Name: Anonymous
    Verified Customer | Posted 09/15/2020
    Cultrex-ReadyBME has worked very well for our lab. H9 hESCs (WA09) were grown on Cultrex-ReadyBME and was directly compared side-by-side to our normal basement membrane. So far, I’ve grown the cells for more the 5 passages using Accutase and haven’t observed any changes in proliferation rate, viability, cell morphology or the increased appearance of differentiated cells.

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