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Need to Profile Heterogeneity in Your Sample?

Do you want to know how target expression varies across the cells in your sample? Do you want to quantify how many cells express your target? Single-Cell Westerns let you do it all!


Milo is your heterogeneity problem solver. In one 4-hour experiment, Milo can measure protein expression in ~1,000 single cells. Count and quantify subpopulations of cells that can’t be resolved with conventional Westerns.

Got Heterogeneity?


  • Measure cell-to-cell differences
  • Quantify protein variation
  • Identify rare cell subpopulations



o	Track cell differentiation by measuring edited gene and downstream markers at the single cell level with Milo


How does Milo let you make measurements you can’t make any other way?


Milo is a microfluidic single-cell platform that lets you capture ~1,000 single cells and run 1,000 Single-Cell Westerns in parallel. Read our application note to learn how Milo lets you quantify expression heterogeneity of your target and the percentage of cells in your sample that are target positive.


Want to learn more about Milo?


Watch the video and see how Milo's microfluidic single-cell chip can automate 1,000 single cell separations in just 4 hours.

If you're curious about pricing, just send us your request.