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Protein Expression Heterogeneity with Milo, the First Single-Cell Western System

Application Notes

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Every cell is unique, making cell-cell heterogeneity important in many areas of biomedicine including cancer pathogenesis, immuno-oncology and regenerative medicine. More and more high-profile publications are using single-cell analysis techniques to reveal variability in cellular response to a drug or stimulus. They're also uncovering variation in drug target expression within a tissue and identifying important subpopulations of cells within complex samples that play key roles in disease progression. Single-cell protein expression information is critical when you need to understand the fundamental composition and behavior of complex biological samples. Milo, the first and only Single-Cell Western platform out there, lets you do Western blotting at the single-cell level. Now you can run Westerns on thousands of individual cells in parallel and get robust, Western-based information on protein expression heterogeneity in your cells. He also multiplexes so you can measure multiple proteins in each single cell. That means you can get a better understanding of correlations between target expression and characterize cell signaling in specific target-positive subpopulations of cells. Where your target is located in a cell doesn't matter to Milo - his fast, simple workflow lets you measure proteins both on and in each individual cell with the same workflow. It's easy to detect surface proteins and you don't have to worry about fixing and permeabilizing your sample to measure intracellular proteins. As an added bonus, Milo uses conventional Western antibodies which means you can measure diverse protein targets - even ones that don't have good flow cytometry antibodies. The best part? ScoutTM Software automates your data analysis and gives you quantitative protein expression measurements in each single cell.

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