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Welcome to the next generation of performance and speed

MauriceFlex is your all-in-one platform for protein characterization using imaged capillary isoelectric focusing (icIEF), capillary electrophoresis sodium dodecyl sulfate (CE‑SDS), and icIEF fractionation.

While the iCE3 system has been discontinued, as of June 30th 2022, you will receive:

  • Full iCE3 support until June 30, 2029
  • Continued offerings of iCE3 consumables
  • An option to trade up for a new Maurice or MauriceFlex system

Now is the time to explore MauriceFlex: a single platform for automated protein charge (icIEF), size (CE-SDS) analysis and charge fractionation.

Evolution of iCE platforms

Four instrument systems used for icIEF: iCE280, iCE3, Maurice, and MauriceFlex
1999 2012 2016 2023

iCE280, a novel system for whole-column detection of charge separation (icIEF)

iCE3, the new icIEF system with higher throughput and better reproducibility, ensuring consistent results between the Prince and Alcott autosamplers

Maurice™ system, fully integrated with icIEF, CE-SDS, native fluorescence detection, Thermo Chromeleon control, and Waters™ Empower® software control

MauriceFlex™ system, which adds protein charge fractionation to the existing capabilities of the Maurice system

Upgrade to MauriceFlex for high-quality isoelectric focusing data comparable to iCE3. MauriceFlex serves as a single platform for isoelectric focusing (icIEF), capillary electrophoresis-sodium dodecyl sulfate (CE-SDS), and icIEF fractionation.

What can you expect when you upgrade to Maurice or MauriceFlex?

High-quality icIEF data comparable with iCE3

A single platform for
• icIEF and CE-SDS (Maurice)
• icIEF, CE-SDS, and icIEF fractionation (MauriceFlex)

4X sensitivity for icIEF analysis with the option of native fluorescence detection 

21 CFR Part 11 compliance with Compass for iCE, Waters™ Empower® , and Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System control.

What does my upgrade involve?

The Maurice system enables fast method development (as little as 1 day), leaving you plenty of time for updating regulatory documents and other critical aspects of the transition.
Times below are approximate and dependent on various factors such as the stage of drug development, type of lab, number of validated methods, commercial molecules, etc.

Time frames associated with each phase of research process

Application and impact of Maurice in the field

Explore how Lanza scientists transitioned from iCE3 to Maurice for analyzing the charge heterogeneity of process development samples.

See how Lonza transitioned from iCE3 to Maurice

  • Scientists at Lonza initiated a method transfer from iCE3 to Maurice
  • They analyzed the charge heterogeneity of process development samples
  • They evaluated 11 key parameters such as linearity, precision and more, successfully qualifying the Maurice system for their methods

Compare data between iCE3 and Maurice

Explore findings from a peer-reviewed global study spanning 21 sites, revealing comparable data between iCE3 and Maurice for a monoclonal antibody and fusion protein.

Publication spotlight

A peer-reviewed global study across 21 different sites demonstrates comparable data between iCE3 and Maurice for a mAb and fusion protein.

Review an analysis of three different types of molecules (EPO, mAb, and anti-α1-anti-trypsin) using iCE3 and Maurice results in comparable data.

Application note

Analysis of three different types of molecules (EPO, mAb, and anti-α1-anti-trypsin) using iCE3 and Maurice results in comparable data.

How does Maurice or MauriceFlex save me time?

Maurice/MauriceFlex are plug-and-play systems that significantly reduce manual steps and run-times. See how they compare with the iCE3.

Illustration showing the time saved using Maurice to process samples

What if I only need icIEF?

There is a range of instruments to choose from, whether you’re only looking for icIEF, CE-SDS, or the entire mix. See which one is right for you.

Maurice Maurice C. Maurice S. MauriceFlex
icIEF Charge Application Yes Yes No Yes
CE-SDS Size Application Yes No Yes Yes
icIEF Fractionation No No No Yes
Absorbance Detection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fluorescence DetectionYes Yes Yes No Yes
Onboard Mixing for Sample Prep Yes Yes No No


Transition support

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