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The iCE platform by ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand, has been simplifying the analysis of protein charge heterogeneity for more than 20 years and will continue to do so. The iCE280 was introduced in 1999 and soon became the gold standard for imaged capillary isoelectric focusing (icIEF). The iCE3 was introduced in 2012 and included multiple enhancements and raised the bar further.  The iCE has since been used in the development of more than 100 commercial biologics that have improved the quality of life for thousands of patients. 

Although the sale of iCE3 is being discontinued on June 30, 2022, it will be supported for another 7 years until June 30, 2029. Its successor, Maurice, introduced in 2016, is all set to take care of your molecule’s charge profile analysis. Maurice does everything that your iCE3 does, only faster and easier. 

Companies like Pfizer, Genentech, AstraZeneca, Fujifilm and many others have already embraced Maurice, and so can you. Read on to learn more about why making such a switch would benefit you.

Maurice iCE instrument from ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand

Why Move From iCE3 to Maurice

Powered by the same gold-standard iCE technology, Maurice gives you accurate and reproducible information on your protein charge isoforms. 

It also makes life easier for you in the following ways: 

  • Less work– simplified workflow with a pre-assembled cartridge that self-cleans
  • Save your sample – native fluorescence detection option for increased sensitivity with lower sample amount
  • Get fast results – less than 10 minutes to purity and identity
  • Obtain high-quality data – complex peaks in your proteins seen in high-resolution 
  • Stay compliant – both Compass for iCE and Waters® Empower® software enable CFR Part 21 compliance
  • Save capital and bench space – icIEF and CE-SDS analysis in the same instrument

A Successful iCE3 Transition Story


This poster by Lonza, Visp describes a successful qualification of the Maurice™ system after method transfer from iCE3 for the charge variant analysis of process development samples. Through the evaluation of 11 parameters including linearity, precision, specificity, equivalency, and robustness, the study confirmed the Maurice system's suitability for assessing sample purity and stability.


Maurice Saves You More Time Than iCE3

Maurice is a plug and play system - you only need to load your samples and let the instrument do the rest. No tedious cartridge installing, no manual clean-up. See how Maurice compares with iCE3 on experiment run times and ease-of-use.

*Times are approximate




Instrument set-up*

5 minutes

5-10 minutes

Cartridge install*

2-3 minutes

20-30 minutes

Software set-up*

5 minutes

5-10 minutes

Cartridge clean-up*

5 minutes

15-20 minutes


17-18 minutes

45-70 minutes

Total time savings

28-52 minutes or 62-74%



Maurice Instruments Maurice C. and Maurice S. replace iCE3 for iCE analysis (capillary electrophoresis)

Which Maurice Instrument to Choose?

  • Only interested in icIEF for now? Maurice C. gives you protein charge characterization at a lower price-point.
  • For both icIEF and CE-SDS capabilities, check out Maurice.
  • Budget-minded or interested only in CE-SDS? Our low-cost Maurice S. is for you.

If you change your mind later and want to add additional capabilities, you have the option to upgrade your Maurice C. or Maurice S.

Win the Race to FDA Submissions with Maurice

Explore Maurice

Watch our in-depth demo on how Maurice works. Maurice gives you reproducible, quantitative analysis of identity, purity, and heterogeneity profiles for your biopharmaceuticals. You'll get IgG purity data in 35 minutes and charge heterogeneity in 10 minutes flat. How's that for fast? And when you want to switch between applications, just change the cartridge—it's that simple. Because all the fluid paths are separate, there's no cross-contamination either.

Data Comparability between Maurice and iCE3

Since Maurice was introduced, there have been a number of studies done showing data comparability to iCE3, giving you assurance that you’ll get the same high-quality icIEF data you’ve come to expect. There’s more to come on the comparability between iCE3 and Maurice. Stay tuned!

iCE3 and Maurice Comparability Publication Spotlight Teaser

Comparing iCE3 to Maurice - Global Study

This Publication Spotlight features key findings from a study that analyzed a monoclonal antibody and fusion protein on iCE3 and Maurice across 21 different sites globally.

iCE3 and Maurice Comparability Application Note Teaser

Comparing iCE3 to Maurice - Biotherapeutic Analysis

The study in this Application Note demonstrates data comparability between iCE3 and Maurice with three different types of biotherapeutics.

Maurice Benefits Guide Teaser

Maurice Benefits Guide

A short document that details the benefits you’ll get with Maurice over iCE3.

Transition Support

We’re here with you on every step of your transition. Contact us to learn more.