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Webinar: Wes Gives You 100X More Dynamic Range with 3 µL Sample Volume

Webinar Summary

Generation of your protein sample took significant time and expense. You cannot afford to waste precious sample going through assay optimization only to find your protein is not there or it is overexposed. Chemiluminescence Western blot detection is the best option for sensitivity but playing the dynamic range optimization game takes times and burns through your sample. Learn how updates to Simple Western™ Wes reduce assay optimization time through a 100X improvement in dynamic range while requiring only 3 µl of your sample. In this webinar, we will present data showing how improvements to Wes limit substrate depletion enabling both ultra-high sensitivity and a 6 log dynamic range. If you already have Wes, you will learn how this can simply be done on your current system.



Bob Gavin, Senior VP, ProteinSimple

Chris Heger, Ph.D., Manager Applications Sciences, ProteinSimple