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Webinar: Think You've Automated Your Western Workflow?

Webinar Summary

Typical biomarker discovery involves screening many samples to identify potential targets. Western blotting has been the method of choice for many years to identify protein targets but it suffers from a highly tedious and labor-intensive manual process. Relatively little has been done to improve or automate the traditional Western workflow in the past 30 years until the introduction of the Simple Western™, a fully automated and quantitative Western replacement system that makes your dream of never again having to run a protein gel or deal with messy blots come true.

In this webcast, Dr. Tu from ProteinSimple will describe how the Simple Western system, Wes, has not only automated, but transformed the old Western process from start to finish delivering reproducibility and quantitation like never before. Then, Dr. Hofler from Emerald Therapeutics will explain how the company incorporated the Simple Western into its automated workflow, enabling great scalability, reproducibility, and virtualization of the scientific process. Dr. Hofler will also share how the Simple Western allows her team to eliminate the time consuming and labor-intensive processes of protein detection by traditional Western blotting as they explore biologically complex phenomena such as apoptosis.

What You Will Learn:

  • How the Simple Western platform integrates and automates all manual operations associated with Western blotting
  • How the Simple Western platform can be integrated into a fully automated process that includes liquid handling, protein quantification, and sample preparation
  • How to increase efficiency of analytical testing and guide process development more effectively using the Simple Western system
  • How to explore cell signaling pathways and perform absolute quantitation of biomarkers using the Simple Western technology


Catherine Hofler, Ph.D., Director of Research, Emerald Therapeutics

Andrea Tu, Ph.D., Application Scientist, ProteinSimple