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Webinar: Advancing Targeted Protein Degradation Research with Automated Western Blotting

Webinar Summary

Discover how automated assays are helping drive targeted protein degradation (TPD) research programs and Degrader development. During this webinar, the Bio-Techne® team will be joined by Dr Gary Allenby, CSO at Aurelia Bioscience, who will delve deeper into how their research team is utilizing automated Western blot systems from ProteinSimple™, a Bio-Techne brand.

Find out how high-throughput Western blotting platforms Wes™ and Jess™ from ProteinSimple can be used to rapidly and reproducibly quantify protein knockdown following treatment with Degraders.


Dr. Gary Allenby, CEO, Aurelia Bioscience

Dr. Hannah Maple, Innovation Manager (Tocris, a Bio-Techne brand)

Dr. Carsten Lück, FAS and Science Manager, EMEA (ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand)