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Webinar: Still Doing Westerns?

Webinar Summary

That's no fun! Well, it's time you learned about Wes, the latest gel-free, blot-free, hands-free reinvention of the traditional Western blot. Wes is a Simple Western™ instrument that delivers sensitivity and reproducibility that surpass the traditional Western and, for the first time, gives researchers a truly quantitative immunoassay for protein separation. Using a pre-filled microplate and a capillary cartridge, Wes also drastically reduces the hands-on time required when performing a traditional Western giving researchers fully analyzed data for up to 25 samples in under 3 hours. In this webinar, I will illustrate examples of how Wes and the Simple Western product family have been applied in protein expression and production, cell signaling analysis, biotherapeutic characterization, and vaccine research.


John Proctor, Ph.D., Director of Marketing, ProteinSimple