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Webinar: Rethink Immunoassays: The Simple Western is here

Webinar Summary

Rethink the way you do immunoassays with Simple Western™. It's the Western you know well, only simplified and completely reinvented. The Simple Western is the only gel-free, blot-free, hands-free Western workflow.

Watch this one-hour webinar to learn how it works and how you can get your time back by getting reproducible, quantitative data every time. Bob Gavin, our SVP of Protein Platforms, kicks off the discussion by introducing Simple Western and talk about Wes, our latest addition to the product family. You'll also hear from our Field Applications Manager, Chris Heger, on how scientists like yourselves have been using Simple Western to advance their research. And lastly, Birte Aggeler, Director of Antibody Development from R&D Systems, talks about the Simple Western-certified antibody project we've been working on with our sister brands, R&D Systems and Novus Biologicals. Don't miss the opportunity to hear from the brains behind Simple Western!



Bob Gavin, Senior VP, Protein Platforms, ProteinSimple

Chris Heger, Ph.D., Manager, Field Applications, ProteinSimple

Birte Aggeler, Director of Antibody Development, R&D Systems