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Breaking Through the Challenges of rAAV Purity Characterization by CE-SDS

Ana Carreras González, PhD. 

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14 June

10.30am BST / 11.30am CEST


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Unlocking the potential of Long-COVID-19: Developing a Diagnostic Test

Alexandre Lucas, PhD and Benjamin Charvet, PhD.

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20 April

Breaking Through the Challenges of rAAV Purity Characterization by CE-SDS

14 June, 10.30 am BST / 11.30 am CEST

Despite recent advances in the gene therapy field, significant challenges lie ahead for the consistent manufacturing and release of these medicines. rAAV particles are built from the folding of three major capsid proteins, VP1, VP2, and VP3, harbouring the therapeutic gene of interest. These proteins present a theoretical ratio of 1:1:10, migrating at approximately 87, 73, and 62 kDa, respectively.

To characterize rAAV purity, CE-SDS offers a state-of-the-art approach with high resolution and sensitivity and providing semi-quantitative estimate in terms of % Purity of the samples. Nevertheless, several challenges have been faced when transferring the purity assessment from SDS-PAGE to CE-SDS in terms of salt content, virus stability and impurity-nature characterization. In this webinar the different issues and the achieved solutions faced during rAAV purity characterization by CE-SDS will be discussed.

Presenters: Ana Carreras González, PhD. 

Instrument user webinar


Assessing Purity of rAAV by CE-SDS

Ana Carreras González, PhD

QC Biochemistry Department Scientist at Viralgen Vector Core Company

Dr. Ana Carreras joined Viralgen Vector Core almost three years ago, as a member of the Quality Control department. This company stands as a leading CDMO in the field of rAAV manufacturing for gene therapy and innovative medicines. As a member of QC team, Ana was involved in several projects, leading the set-up of different techniques to perform the characterization of rAAV for product release. She developed product purity assessment by iCE, product identity by WESS and impurity quantification by automated immunoassay.

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