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European Sales Instrument Meeting

Join Us for a Series of User Presentations, Technical Workshops and Networking Sessions

October 13-14, 2022
Holiday Inn – Arena Towers

Official registration is now open for our in-person European Instruments User Meeting 2022: a free two-day event bringing together our Simple Western™, Simple Plex™, and Biologics (iCE3™, Maurice™) users. 


Our agenda is building quickly around our rapidly growing list of registered users and their applications. Please see our confirmed highlights below, with more to follow!


Day 1 – Thursday 13th October 2022
(10:00am – 5:30pm, including refreshments, lunch and networking dinner at 7pm)


Keynote plenary sessions


Alexandre Lucas, PhD, Founder and Manager of We-Met at I2MC
ProteinSimple Innovations: Benefits for a Core Facility

Katarzyna Marciniak-Darmochwal, PhD, Head of Analytical Strategies and Scientific Support, Charles River
Integrating Protein Simple into workflows at Charles River Laboratories

Chris Heger, PhD – Director, Applications Science at Bio-Techne

Accelerate your cell and gene therapy workflows with next-generation analytical tools from Bio-Techne

Nicolas Farrands, Analytical Development Lead Scientist, Ipsen Biopharm Limited


Protein Simple for Bioprocess


Nathalie Howe, Development Scientist at Evox Therapeutics & Jonathan Goodwin, Analytical Development Scientist at CPI
The development of the simple plex open cartridge in collaboration with CPI for detection of exosomes in process samples

Denise Hartung, Evotec International
Implementation of a cost- and time-efficient approach for quality control of extracellular vesicles using Jess from Protein Simple.

Marissa Beck, Strategic Product Manager Simple Plex, Bio-techne
AAV titre Assay evolution on the Ella Platform

Helen Ludlow, Senior Scientist Principal Investigator at eXmoor Pharma Concepts
Evaluation of Ella for use with AAV2 Bioprocess sample

Ana Carreras, Viralgen VC
Assessing Purity of rAAV by CE-SDS

Kiren Baines, Team lead at eXmoor Pharma Concepts
Removing the barriers to effective AAV process development with next-generation analytical platforms


Day 2 – Friday 14th October 2022
(9.45am – 3.30pm, including refreshments and lunch)


User Presentations



Géry Van Vyncht, Scientific Director, Quality Assistance
Bridging Maurice with iCE3 (icIEF) and PA800+ (CGE) systems

Olivia Gierok, A&M STABTEST
Importance of robust iEF QC methods for therapeutic proteins  - release & stability testing


Simple Western/ Simple Plex

Jennifer Fletcher, University Manchester
Identifying brain markers relevant to cognition in central nervous system disorders with WES

Rajiv Pande, Director Commercial Immunoassay Business, Bio-techne
Ella for Neuroscience Biomarker Research

Yanaika Hok-A-Hin, Clinical Chemistry Department, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam
Novel CSF biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease

Cordula Gruender, Head of Translational, AvenCell Europe GmbH
Cytokine Analysis of clinical serum samples with the Ella System

Johannes Wachter and Teresa Puchner, Boehringer Ingelheim RCV GmbH & Co KG
Applications of WES/JESS-based protein analysis in drug development


Technical Breakout Sessions



Ed Chase, Senior Director Strategic Solutions, Bio-Techne
The iCE Technology: A History of Innovation

Baburaj Kunnummal, Senior Manager Biologics Product Marketing Management, Bio-Techne
Reimagining Sample Analysis

Laurence Talbot, Field Applications Scientist, Bio-Techne
Maurice Best Practices

Udo Burger, Field Applications Scientist, Bio-Techne
Compass 3.0


Simple Western

Elaine Scrivener, Senior Field Applications Scientist, BioTechne
Best practice for assay development

Adrian Papas, Technical Product Manager, BioTechne
Maximizing Data From Your Simple Western System (Multiplexing Strategies and more…)

Sibylle Molt, ASD Field Applications Scientist Team Leader, BioTechne
How to Normalize – Understanding your Data


Simple Plex

Julia Hatler, Senior Director, Immunoassay Business Unit Leader, Bio-techne
Current and future directions of Ella

Jim David,Manager, Simple Plex Commercial Services, Bio-techne
Benjamin Dijan, Field Application Scientists, Bio-techne

Master curves: what are they and how are they made
Open cart assay development optimisation
Ella to ella story - reproducibility & commutability


Poster Session and instrument drop in clinic


Please note that attendees are responsible for booking their own accommodation.

Photographs and videos will be taken at this event. If you do not wish to be photographed or have any other questions,

please email


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“I would certainly encourage any scientists out there, who are applying the ProteinSimple technology, to attend this user meeting as it was a really good networking and learning experience.” 

Dr. Gary Allenby, CEO, Aurelia Bioscience

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