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Video: Synergizing Science for Breakthrough Discoveries

Video Summary

Chris Heger, Director of Application Science at Bio-Techne, highlights the significance of working alongside researchers to develop innovative applications that can address the challenges faced in the field of medicine.

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I am most passionate about helping our customers because they're the ones that are changing the face of medicine and improving the lives of patients. A user's meeting is a fantastic place for us to hear what our customers are doing, get their feedback of what they need, and what their challenges currently are. A lot of the times my team is tasked with coming up with these new applications that are cutting edge right as our customers are developing them at the same time. It's quite exciting. It's also quite challenging because we're breaking new ground at the same time as our customers. we often try to collaborate and work with them, so we get to the same solution more efficiently. I've been with the company 11 years, I've seen the introduction of pretty much all of our Simple Western instruments: Maurice, the simple Plex platform, and even now our Namocell. There has been a lot of fantastic advancements. It's quite hard for me to say one thing that's really driven the division to the highest success that we've had.