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Video: Our Transposon Gene Editing Mechanism - TcBuster

Video Summary

Learn about gene engineering with the TcBuster non-viral transposon system from our scientists in this video. TcBuster is a non-viral transposon system that enables stable gene transfer into mammalian cells. Realize the potential of gene engineering by using TcBuster to deliver large genes of interest.

Find Out More About Non-Viral Gene Delivery with TcBuster

TcBuster is our proprietary transpose transposon genome engineering technology.

 Transposons are a virus-free way to over-express a particular protein in a cell line.

Like the other systems, it's a cut-and-paste transposon so you deliver your gene of interest within a plasmid that's flanked by sequences that TcBuster recognizes. It cuts it out and it completely randomly inserts it anywhere in the genome.

TcBuster is a virus-free way to overexpress pretty much any protein of interest in a cell.