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Video: Supporting Scientists to Drive Innovation in Cell and Gene Therapy

Video Summary

Steve Crouse, Senior Vice President & General Manager (SVP & GM) at Bio-Techne, emphasizes the importance of supporting scientists to accelerate research and drive innovation within cell and gene therapy, as science continues to advance at an unprecedented rate.

You know I think we are in the midst of a true medical revolution. Science is moving faster than it ever has before. New therapies are changing lives in ways that just were fundamentally impossible even 10 years ago through cell therapy, gene therapy applications. And the rate of change is just accelerating and accelerating and the expectation on scientists is greater and greater. They're expected to do more with less and be able to continue to drive that bleeding edge of research and bleeding edge of really innovation around therapies forward at a much faster rate. So we want to support that, so we have tech support, field support, logistics and overall support all over the globe. So we like to be where the scientists are and make sure we are supporting the scientists where they are conducting science. Bio-Techne delivers high quality products that allow customers to advance their research and ultimately bring forward solutions and breakthroughs that impact patients’ lives.