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Video: Poster Presentation of Validating Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data with Milo

Video Summary

Milo is a Single-Cell Western platform that can measure protein expression in thousands of single cells. Single-cell technologies allow researchers to identify rare cell subpopulations that play a key role in disease and profile variation in patient treatment responses. RNA-Seq measures transcript levels in thousands of individual cells to determine RNA expression heterogeneity. However, mRNA transcript levels do not always correlate with levels of functional protein due to translational and post-translational regulation, micro-RNA inhibition, or protein degradation. In this study, done in collaboration with the Stanford Functional Genomics Facility at the Stanford University School of Medicine in California, the Milo Single-Cell Western platform was used in parallel with Single-Cell RNA-Seq, to validate RNA data with protein levels in a heterogeneous cell population. RNA and protein levels were shown not to correlate, highlighting the need to validate any single-cell RNA expression studies with single-cell protein expression data to ensure accurate and complete conclusions about cellular function.