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Video: Maurice S. - IgG Purity and Heterogeneity

Meet Maurice: CE-SDS application

Video Summary

Maurice, the newest member of the iCE family, takes CE-SDS to the next level by giving you way more throughput with a lot less hassle—it's all done in his ready-to-go cartridge. A simple workflow lets you monitor the degree of heavy chain glycosylation and degree of fragmentation in reduced and non-reduced IgG molecules quickly and easily. In this short video, the people behind the gold-standard iCE technology highlight the key benefits. Find out how Maurice makes CE easy with his streamlined workflow and delivers purity and heterogeneity data on your biologics fast.

Meet Maurice S.

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About Maurice and Electrophoresis

Meet Maurice. The advanced capillary electrophoresis (CE) platform. He's a real problem solver.

Switch between the capillary isoelectric focusing (cIEF) and capillary electrophoresis sodium dodecyl sulfate (CE-SDS) easily and quickly.

Get identity, purity, and heterogeneity data on your biologics. Maurice helps you develop platform methods fast, so you can get to robust results even faster.

Your cIEF and CE-SDS methods are developed in a day. This plug-and-play system uses dedicated and integrated cartridges for each application.

Streamlining your application workflow, preventing cross-contamination, ensuring low reagent usage, and managing waste.

The simple workflow from setup to data analysis reduces variability.

CE-SDS Workflows With Maurice

Let's get started with purity and heterogeneity analysis of your monoclonal antibody with CE-SDS.

Simply place the running buffer vial inside the CE-SDS cartridge and insert into Maurice. Load the reagents and your samples, close the door, setup a batch, and press start.

Maurice will do the rest for you. The sample is injected into the cartridge based on the location you defined in the batch.

Compass software for iCE lets you run multiple methods in the same batch, monitors the separations in real-time, and automatically analyzes the data for you.

Maurice and Data Analysis

With Maurice, you can analyze molecules in a wide molecular weight range.

With this streamlined workflow, you get reproducible results in under 35 minutes - helping you to get your purity and heterogeneity data faster.

cIEF and Maurice

Let's get started with identity and heterogeneity analysis of your biologics with cIEF.

Simply add electrolytes into the tanks of your cartridge and insert into Maurice. Load your samples and reagents, then close the door. Set up the batch and press Start. Maurice will do the rest for you.

The sample is injected into the cartridge based on location you define in the batch. The whole column imaging with cIEF allows you to monitor the separation in real-time.

Maurice collects data in both absorbance and fluorescence modes simultaneously for each injection. Compass software for iCE then automatically analyzes the data for you.

With this simple and streamlined workflow, wide pI range for separation, and highly reproducible data across the entire life of the cartridge, you can generate platform methods within a day, and get results in just 6-10 minutes.

Fluorescence Versus Absorbance

Native fluorescence mode delivers higher sensitivity compared to absorbance mode. Don't get tied down in capillaries or bogged down with lengthy and messy cleanups.

Partner with Maurice to develop methods fast, complete analysis quickly and generate data you can trust. Data to move forward. You can focus on science. With Maurice, win the race to FDA submission.

Learn more about Maurice by ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand, by visiting the Maurice instrument page.