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Video: Maurice C. video Identity and Charge Heterogeneity

Video Summary

Streamline your CE workflow with Maurice C who delivers identity, purity and heterogeneity data on your biologics fast. This cIEF application video show how you can get reliable data in 10 minutes.

Maurice’s Technology

Gold-standard iCE technology is at the heart of Maurice. Translation? You get crazy reliable and reproducible data day in and day out with single-digit CVs. We also added native fluorescence detection to give you higher sensitivity with quieter baselines. In this short video, we highlight the key benefits of the new platform for CE analysts. Find out how Maurice makes CE easy with his streamlined workflow and delivers identity, purity and heterogeneity data on your biologics fast.

Capillary Isoelectric Focusing (cIEF) And Maurice

Maurice conducts identity and heterogeneity analysis of your biologics with capillary isoelectric focusing (cIEF). It works as simply as adding electrolytes into the tanks of your cartridge. Insert the cartridge into Maurice, load your samples and reagents, and close the door. Once the batch is setup to run, press “Start”. Maurice beings its run and takes care of the rest.

As a Maurice user, you can define the batches’ sample injections into the cartridge. Separation monitoring allows you to view results as they happen with the whole column imaging with cIEF. Maurice’s dual absorbance and fluorescence modes enables simultaneous data collection for each injection while the Compass software for iCE analyzes the data for you automatically.

Getting More Results With Maurice

Maurice allows you to generate platform methods in a day and get results in 6 to 10 minutes. This is all made possible with the streamlined workflow, wide pI range for separation, and highly reproducible data across the cartridge’s entire life.

Comparing Modes: Fluorescence And Absorbance

The native fluorescence mode delivers higher sensitivity when compared to absorbance mode on Maurice. Do not let capillaries tie you down as well as long and arduous cleanup processes. Optimize your workflows with Maurice.

If you need to develop methods quickly, Maurice is the go-to instrument. He completes analysis quickly with cIEF and generates high-quality, trustworthy data.