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Video: Precision Multiplexing Made Simple with Ella

Precision Multiplexing Made Simple with Ella

Video Summary

Simple Plex™ assays on Ella™ eliminate all the challenges that come with running a traditional ELISA.

  • All steps occur in a microfluidic cartridge and everything is preloaded—even the calibration curve
  • 25 μL of sample gets you sub-picogram level sensitivity and a four-log range of detection
  • Highly reproducible data across users and sites in just 75 minutes

Simple Plex assays are powered by R&D Systems, the industry leader in immunoassays and makers of the gold standard Quantikine® ELISA kits, and continue a legacy of quality in immunoassays.

About Ella

Ever wondered if there was a simpler solution to multiplexing immunoassays?  
Meet Ella, an automated ELISA platform. 

Through stringent control of assay parameters, Ella generates highly precise and reproducible data for up to 8 analytes. 

Prepare your assays in just three simple steps. Scan the cartridge, dilute, and load samples, and run them in Ella. No standard curve preparation and no manual wash steps. 

Inside Ella, sample flows through a microfluidic circuit.  
Sandwich ELISAs are created in a glass nanoreactors with triplicate results per analyte.  
Analytes are separated into four parallel channels, eliminating cross-reactivity. 

Ella multiplexing cartridges are built on R&D Systems quality. Each immunoassay runs the same, every single time.  
All this inside Ella, a hands-free, easy-to-use system, that provides highly precise and accurate biomarker detection.  
Ella, your solution to making precision multiplexing simple.  

Learn more about Ella by ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand, by visiting the Ella instrument page.