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Showing Some LoVe for Lentivirus with Maurice CE-SDS

by ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand.

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identify, characterize, and quantify these lentiviral vector particles with Maurice poster

Lentiviral vectors (LVV) are a prominent and popular gene delivery system for both in vivo and ex vivo therapies, and robust analytical methods are required to accurately identify, characterize, and quantify these LVV particles to ensure quality, safety, efficacy, and to meet all regulatory requirements. This poster describes the development of a robust method for LVV identity analysis and viral titer measurement using the Maurice CE-SDS platform. The poster illustrates:

  • Unique but similar profiles obtained with the Maurice CE-SDS method when comparing different LVV vendors
  • The estimation of LVV quantitation as well as transduction efficiency by characterizing the capsid core protein p24  
  • Overall rapid and accurate analysis of lentiviral products

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