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Protein Stability and Formulation Testing

At Bio-Techne, we've got more than one way for you to detect, monitor and characterize proteins during formulation development!


Testing Protein Stability with Micro-Flow Imaging

Micro-Flow Imaging

Measuring protein aggregation and particulates during formulation and stability testing gives you valuable info on formulation suitability. Micro-Flow Imaging (MFI) lets you measure particle size, concentration and a host of morphological parameters so you'll easily be able to differentiate between protein aggregates, air bubbles, silicone oil, and other contaminants in your formulations.



Testing Protein Stability with iCE

iCE Maurice

Monitoring charge variants during formulation development gives you critical information on drug stability and efficacy. iCE systems combine high resolution, rapid analysis, and generic methods so you can easily monitor charge variants and protein changes in your formulation. Free solution IEF takes place in a capillary column(cIEF) to let you detect focused protein zones in 10 minutes flat, and the high resolution translates to simple, accurate quantitation of protein charge variants—making iCE an ideal method for analysis of biopharmaceuticals.