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High Performance Reagents to Research Immune Cell Functions

Immune responses involve the coordinated actions of different immune cell types, which are regulated by a vast array of receptors, intracellular signaling molecules, and secreted factors. Exploring the roles that these different molecules play in regulating immune cell functions is a key interest of many immunology researchers as this may lead to a greater understanding of the mechanisms that cause immune cell dysfunction under pathological conditions such as chronic inflammation, autoimmune disease, and tumor growth and metastasis. In order to investigate these questions, immunologists need a toolbox of reagents that they can use to specifically activate or inactivate the function of a specific protein and look at the downstream effects. We offer a large portfolio of unique, high performance reagents for investigating molecules that regulate immune cell functions.

Recombinant Proteins for Your Immunology Research

Recombinant proteins are frequently used in immunology research to investigate the function of a specific protein, the effects of a specific protein on different immune cell types, or protein-protein interactions. We offer R&D Systems™ recombinant proteins, which are guaranteed to be highly pure, bioactive, display lot-to-lot consistency, and have low endotoxin levels to instill confidence in your results and ensure that your data will be reproducible.

The Most Trusted Source of Recombinant Proteins for Your Immunology Research

Recombinant Proteins

Blocking/Neutralization Antibodies to Investigate Protein Functions

Our extensive collection of proteins coupled with our bioassay expertise allows us to provide the most dependable selection of blocking/neutralization antibodies on the market. We use proliferation, chemotaxis, protein secretion, adhesion, or in vitroenzyme neutralization assays to ensure that our antibodies block/neutralize the appropriate cellular function, and continuously add new assays to ensure the highest specificity based on the latest research data.

Offering an Unparalleled Selection of High-Quality Blocking/Neutralization Antibodies to Investigate Protein Functions

Bio-Techne offers blocking antibodies for the study of immune checkpoint blockade, chemokines, growth factors and receptors, and development factors

Blocking/Neutralization Antibodies

Tocris™ Small Molecules

We provide a wide range of industry-leading, high performance Tocris small molecules for investigating the functions of chemokine and cytokine receptors, toll-like receptors, the inflammasome, immune checkpoint molecules, the complement system, and molecules involved in immune cell signaling pathways.

Study Immune Regulatory Molecules with Small Molecules

Tocris® Small Molecules